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Which material is best for your custom sticker?

  • Vinyl - The best-selling material that works for almost any situation. Glossy vinyl is weather and UV-proof and stays shiny and vibrant for up to 4 years outside.
  • Holographic - If you want your sticker, or parts of it, to be eye-catching psychedelic.
  • Glitter - This will give you some seriously shiny and shimmery patterns that no one can resist.
  • Prismatic - Looking for a sticker with a shiny retro flair. Then prismatic is the way to go. 
  • Mirror - With mirror material on your sticker you can see yourself in it. And you can achieve metallic colors that look like gold, copper or bronze!
  • Clear - Want to put your sticker on a window, or create a cool see-thru effect you pick the clear vinyl sticker. 
  • Brushed Aluminum - Looking for a metallic sticker that shines like natural aluminum to spice up your custom sticker. This beautiful material is laminated for outdoor use as well.
  • Glow in the dark - The best sticker material, and only(?), to use when you want to show off your stickers in the dark. Perfect if you want to turn your roof into a sky-vault.
  • Kraft paper - For those who care about the environment. Made from 100% recycled brown paper. But can of course be printed in any color.
  • Heavy duty - This is the industrial strength sticker. Put it in an oven, or let heavy machinery run over it. It will stick in place for years without even losing its color. 
  • Epoxy 3D - Looking for a sticker that stands out, for real. Gives the sticker a 3D effect and is perfect for branding.
  • Removable - Stickers made with a removable adhesive for non-permanent uses. Just slap it on a smooth surface and when you want to move it; do it and place it somewhere else.

Premium Sticker Materials for Unmatched Originality

Elevate your sticker game with our premium selection of materials, each offering unique effects to infuse your stickers with unparalleled originality. Opt for a high-gloss finish to bring vibrancy to your designs, or select a matte finish for sophisticated elegance. Our high-quality laminates aren't just aesthetically pleasing—they're engineered to resist the elements and wear over time, ensuring your stickers stay stunning.

Explore Our Diverse Material Selection 

The foundation of an exceptional custom sticker is the material. Our collection is curated to complement your design perfectly. Choose vinyl for its robustness and water-resistant qualities, making it an all-time favorite. Embrace sustainability without sacrificing style with our 100% recycled Kraft paper, ideal for that organic, earthy look.

For a discreet yet impactful presence, clear stickers are your go-to, while our holographic options promise to inject a playful, eye-catching twist to any project. Selecting the right material is a breeze, with each one ready to convey your unique personality and flair.

Discover Your Ideal Sticker Material

Let us guide you to the ideal sticker substance that aligns with your vision, detailing features, benefits, and practical applications.

Our selection process is rigorous, ensuring we offer only the finest sticker materials with distinctive qualities. The majority of our offerings boast 2-4 years of weatherproof durability, capable of withstanding anything from sun-soaked days to the most challenging weather conditions. These are stickers designed to endure, perfect for automobiles, dishwashers, and beyond.

Fancy Our Sticker Selection? 

Wondering which material or effect resonates with you the most? Fantastic! It's time to bring your stickers to life. Our user-friendly design wizard and editor streamline the process—upload your artwork, customize your design, and soon enough, you'll be holding your very own stickers.

The Versatility of Stickers in Everyday Life 

Envision the myriad of ways stickers can transform your daily experiences. Imagine elevating your creative projects with neon stickers, making your business card or logo truly pop with a holographic finish, or personalizing your wedding favors with custom labels. With our extensive variety of sticker materials and effects, the possibilities are boundless. Choose from classic prismatic, party-ready glitter, homestyle Kraft paper, or even glow-in-the-dark vinyl to add that extraordinary touch. It's time to get inventive!

Design with Ease Using Our Sticker Maker 

Our intuitive sticker maker empowers you to design effortlessly. With no prior experience needed, you're free to select the material, shape, size, and content. Have your design ready? Simply upload it to our editor, place your order, and get ready to peel and stick your brand-new creations!

FAQ about sticker materials

Our stickers, except for kraft, wall, and matte varieties, can withstand weather for 2-4 years, resisting UV rays, water, and scratches. Kraft paper is not waterproof, wall stickers resist water but not scratches or UV light, and matte stickers, while weatherproof, will fade more quickly in sunlight.
Our go-to material for stickers is regular white glossy vinyl, which excels in print quality and offers the best value with a low minimum order. It's weather-resistant for 2-4 years, ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.
Our stickers come in a variety of materials to suit any purpose, from children's parties to business branding. Explore our full range, including prismatic and recycled paper stickers. Just remember, paper stickers need to stay dry!
Removable stickers are not made for outdoor use due to their low-tack adhesive. For enduring outdoor conditions, choose our glossy vinyl stickers, designed with a high-tack adhesive for extra durability.
Our stickers are optimized for flatter surfaces and may not adhere well to highly curved objects like bike parts or chapsticks. We recommend a minimum order for testing on your specific items before making a bulk purchase.
The ideal size for your stickers depends on their use. Generally, 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) is popular for visible design details and legibility. For more guidance, check out our sticker size guide.
Yes, our weatherproof stickers can be peeled off cleanly without leaving any sticky residue behind.
Our stickers are flexible enough to conform to curved surfaces like hard hats and helmets, ensuring a durable and lasting fit.
Our waterproof stickers are built for the outdoors, resistant to water and sunlight, making them perfect for any setting, indoors or out.
Our weatherproof stickers can last several years with proper application and care. They're UV-resistant and scratch-proof to maintain their appearance over time.
Yes, you can order samples of various sticker materials from our materials page, including vinyl, holographic, and more, to find the perfect fit for your needs.
For large custom sticker orders, you can start with a minimum order to test your design before going all in. There's no maximum limit, so order as many as you like!
To order stickers on a special material, use our sticker maker to select your preferred material under the "Materials" section, ensuring your sticker sheet meets your specific needs.