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High-Tack Vinyl Stickers

Meet our powerhouse adhesive.

Designed to tackle the toughest tasks in industrial settings. Perfect for machinery, tools, and warning signs, these stickers mean business. With enhanced strength and durability, they're built to stick, ensuring your message stays put exactly where you need it. 

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Custom Hi-tack vinyl stickers
Industrial strength
Extra strong adhesive
Unmatched versatility
Sticks to a variety of surfaces
Let your brand stick
Make it visible for long

Make Hi-Tack stickers

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Hi-Tack is our extra-strong adhesive option, available with various laminates to suit your needs. 
For situations requiring enhanced surface protection and durability, opt for our Heavy Duty product, featuring a 12-mill glossy laminate.

3 Custom hi-tack vinyl stickers.
Hi-Tack sticker on ear defenders.

Instant Proof with our Sticker Maker

With our custom sticker editor, you can make any design you can think of to be printed on Hi-Tack vinyl. The colors will pop and the vinyl will give them a nice clean finish.


How to order Hi-Tack stickers

  • Select material "Hi-tack Vinyl" above.
  • Select your desired cutline, size and quantity in the wizard above.
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  • Select your shipping and pay.

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Product Features
Material Name Hi-tack Vinyl
Laminate UV Glossy Pet, 12 Mill, Soft touch Matte, Sandy Matte 
Available products Die cut, Heavy Duty, Kiss cut, Sticker sheet
Size restrictions Max 47.2" (120 cm) in one direction
Back paper print No*
Pink Ink No*
Invisible Ink No
Opacities No
Metallics colors No
Recycled No
PVC Free Yes*
UV proof Glossy laminate only
Waterproof Yes
Dishwasher safe Yes
Scratchproof Glossy laminate only
Full color print Yes
Removable No
Back Slit No
Height 0,123 mm (Glossy)

*=sizes below 10.6" (27 cm) in one direction

Regular vinyl stickers are cool, but Hi-Tack vinyl stickers take stickiness to a whole new level! While regular stickers have a standard adhesive, Hi-Tack stickers have a turbo-charged adhesive that ensures they stay put even on the toughest surfaces. No slipping or sliding here!
Hi-Tack vinyl stickers thrive on rough, rugged, and challenging surfaces. Whether it's textured walls, rough wood, or uneven metal, these stickers are up for the challenge. They're like the superheroes of adhesion, sticking strong no matter what.
Our Hi-tack stickers are water-, weather- and, with a glossy laminate, also UV-resistant. They are resistant to light scratches and will work perfectly on a majority of smooth, dry and clean surfaces. Glossy vinyl stickers should survive up to 2-4 years (6-7 years with 12 Mill laminate) outdoors before they begin to fade and it's even longer indoors, depending on the conditions that the stickers are exposed to.
Not gonna lie, Hi-Tack vinyl stickers mean business when it comes to sticking. While they're perfect for long-term applications, removing them can be a bit of a workout. You'll need some elbow grease and maybe a little help from heat or adhesive remover to get them off cleanly.

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Get Inspired. Get Creative.

Check out vivacious vinyl stickers from some artists who love StickerApp and get inspired.

Monster vinyl sticker.

Vinyl sticker by @iamasinner

Shark custom vinyl sticker.

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Good to know details about Hi-Tack vinyl

Custom vinyl sticker info.
  • Glossy or matte-compatible laminates
  • Full-color print
  • White premium PP film with hi-tack adhesive
  • 2-4 year outdoor life with glossy laminate
  • Available as sticker sheets

You will not be charged per printed color

Make a design with as many colors as you want, you'll always pay the same price

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Trustpilots star ratings 5 / 5
Value for money
Trustpilots star ratings 5 / 5
The Phone Outlet,
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Wish the backs would’ve been laser cut, other than that amazing job
Quality Trustpilots star ratings
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StickerApp is the best
Quality Trustpilots star ratings
Value for money Trustpilots star ratings
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The quality is great, they last a long time on water bottles, even through the dishwasher a few dozen times. Easy to customize.
Quality Trustpilots star ratings
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John Day,
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Easy to order and down exactly as specified. My order had tight tolerances but went off without a hitch.
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Addyson Battistone,
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Really good
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