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Die-Cut Stickers

The individual custom-cut sticker 

Whether it's square, round, or has specific contours, Die-Cut stickers are cut along the unique shape of your design, with only .078" bleed. 'Die Cut' means our machines slice straight through both the sticker and the back paper, delivering a clean finish that ensures your design pops. For branding or personal style, choose die-cut for a refined, premium appearance.

Just leave us a comment in our sticker maker for any special wishes.
Die cut contour cut stickers at StickerApp.
In any shape
Precisely cut to your design
Wide range of materials
Endless possibilities for your design
Add-on options
Back paper print and special inks

Make die-cut stickers

Leave a comment in our sticker editor for any special wishes on your design.


Cutting edge stickers

Step up your branding with custom die cut stickers. Die cut stickers are THE sticker classic! Great as freebies, for events, giftbags or products themselves, and much more custom die cut stickers are the ultimate brand booster to make your brand stick.

A person holding a black water bottle with die cut stickers on it.
A close up of a moped with die cut stickers on it.
A person using a tablet to make die cut stickers.

Any shape. Any material.

How to order die cut stickers

  • Select the cutline you desire.
  • Select size, material, and quantity. If you're not sure on these you can change them later in our editor after uploading your file. 
  • Click on "upload image" and upload your file to create your custom die cut order 
  • If you select a special material, leave us a comment in the editor to let us know where the effect should show
  • Select your shipping and pay

Let us know if you have any questions or additional requests!

Product Features
Shape Contour cut, Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Rounded Corners.
On Sheet No
Full color print CMYK + white
Size Max 27,5 cm (10.8") on one side
Materials Available on all
Certainly! If you require a smaller size, simply select the closest available size in the editor and provide us with the final dimensions in a comment during the ordering process. We will gladly adjust it for you while maintaining the same price. It's important to note that if both sides of the sticker are below 1" (3cm), we will need to print your stickers on sheets to ensure proper handling and production.
The price always depends on the size, quantity and material you choose so no, die cut stickers are not more expensive then any other stickers
Die-cut stickers are a great tool to make your design and message tangible. It doesn’t matter if you are a designer with and artwork, a brand with a logo or campaign or simply want to print a fun quote or photo as a sticker. Die-cut stickers are perfect to get the exact custom sticker you want.
Die-cut stickers are a great option to be able to pass your stickers out individually, and kiss-cut stickers vs stickers on sheets are a great option for easy-peel stickers or labels!
Yes! Our die-cut stickers are laminated with and UV and waterproof laminate that can even withstand the dishwasher. This applies only to glossy or matte laminated stickers but not to other materials like Kraft paper or wall stickers.
Of course! When it comes to die-cut stickers, you have the creative freedom to choose from a wide range of shapes. Whether you prefer circular, oval, rectangular, or any other custom shape you have in mind, we can bring your sticker vision to life. Our die-cutting process is highly versatile, allowing us to precisely cut your stickers into the shape of your choice. Just let us know your preferences, and we'll make it happen. Your custom stickers will be a perfect fit for your unique style and purpose.
They are easy to remove. Just start peeling at one edge and slowly peel if the whole sticker. They shouldn’t leave any residue but if they do you can simply wipe them if with some window cleaner and a cloth.