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Learn all about stickers and how to create your own

Are you curious about how you as a private person, artist, designer, self-employed or if you work for a larger company can use stickers? Then you have come to the right place!

In the blog, we will give concrete tips on how to create your own stickers, decal or label for your needs. You will also learn more about us at StickerApp and what's happening in the industry - how to edit photos - learn more about photo editing software - and much more exciting stuff.

Giulia Hartz in front of her art

Behind the scenes with Giulia Hartz

Giulia Hartz is an Illustrator and Strategic Designer situated in Berlin. We love her mega cute and positive designs

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Nora: 2023-02-02

4 ways of making metallic stickers

How to make metallic stickers

Make your own unique shiny stickers with our range of metallic colors. Let them shine in gold instead of the yellow tone

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Henrik: 2023-01-23

Artist interview with Grace Miceli

Behind the scenes with Grace Miceli

The first out in 2023 to create Thank-you-card is Grace Miceli - ArtBabyGirl. Read what she has to say about her art.

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Nora: 2023-01-09

Artist interview with Tiina Manzel

Behind the scenes with Tiina Manzel

For our final Thank You card of 2022 we are delighted to have collaborated with Tiina Menzel. Tina is a Germany-based artist best known for her unique drawings of skeletons and their cute cat pets.

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Nora: 2022-12-08

and the winner is Pappas pärlor.

Marketer of the Year: Pappas Pärlor

We are thrilled that our friend and collaborator, Johan Karlgren – aka – Pappas Pärlor, was awarded ”marketer of the year” by his hometown of Motala, Sweden.

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Henrik: 2022-11-16

Hang tag sticker with text on the back paper with santa on the front.

7 ways to boost your holiday branding

The holidays are the perfect time to spread a little festive cheer, give back to your loyal customers, and get creative with stickers!

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Henrik: 2022-11-15

Matte or glossy stickers. Your choice.

Matte or glossy stickers?

You've probably heard of matte and glossy stickers before, but which one is the right choice for you?

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Henrik: 2022-10-26

A goat with a sticker on its back. @Peter Phobia.

Story of Peter Phobia

This is a short story about Peter: Stickers are an essential part of skateboard culture and have inspired me my whole life.

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Nora: 2022-10-06

Monster head sticker by @lobster_robin.

Behind the scenes with @lobster_robin

Now it's time to get under the shell of our favorite lobster, @lobster_robin. With his unique style and lovely personality, we think it's time for more people to find out who he is.

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Nora: 2022-10-06

Halloween sticker ideas.

10 Halloween sticker ideas

Need some Halloween decorating inspiration? Check out our 10 tips how you can make halloween even more spooky.

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Henrik: 2022-10-03

Linda CEO StickerApp.

Persona interview: Linda CEO

As part of our blog, you will get to meet the people behind StickerApp. First up is our CEO Linda.

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Nora: 2022-08-25

Meep - dog bread sticker

Artist Intervju:

We have a new behind the scenes interview this week with no other than the talented @meep. A pop-art artist known for nostalgic feels with a twist.

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Tilda: 2022-07-01

Artist interview: Creativepain

We are pleased to inform you that we had the opportunity to meet the one and only Tyler Pate aka Creativepain. Is known for his cool predominately vector-based art.

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Tilda: 2022-06-27

Artist interview: Ashprice

It’s time for another behind the scenes interview with none other than Ashprice. He is an artist known for his American traditional art with a colorful twist.

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Tilda: 2022-06-20

Schticker Awards

March month is also known as the month of Oscars and we thought, what better way to celebrate that than to have our own Schticker Awards? Let's see who the nominees are...

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Tilda: 2022-05-05

Stickers as business labels

People often say that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but as a matter of fact, most of us do.
I believe that the same thing happens when we see product labels. 

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Nora: 2022-04-28

Back Paper Print

On StickerApp we value our customers' opinions highly, so when you want something, we do anything in our power to make it happen. That is why we now have a new feature called back paper print.

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Tilda: 2022-03-25

Home office decoration

Stickers to decorate your home office - Ideas to make your home office environment more inspiring. Time to work!

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Tilda: 2022-03-26

Spesh-ial event - Coolman Coffeedan

Danny Casale (aka Coolman Coffeedan) is an artist in Los Angeles who has gained popularity through his surreal, humorous and crudely-drawn animations.

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Nora: 2022-03-24

Artist interview: paiheme

We’re pleased as punch to present “behind the scene” interview with @paiheme.

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Alicia: 2022-03-23

Artist interview: Thumbs1

Get a peek behind the scenes of our friend and insanely talented illustrator @thumbs1

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Nora: 2022-03-22

Welcome to the blog

In this blog we'll write about stickers n' stuff

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Henrik: 2022-03-21