Sample Packs

Get your hands on our custom sticker materials and popular CMYK color pallets with a sample pack for just $2. 

What's the deal with our sample pack?

It can be hard to tell exactly what a material will look and feel like when you’re sussing it out online. With a sample of the sticker material, you can (literally) get a feel for which material is going to be best for your custom stickers.

This sample pack contains our most popular sticker materials like holographic, vinyl, glitter and mirror. You’ll also get to check out our super unique ones like kraft paper, back paper print, and epoxy. 

The CMYK values we use are also included in this pack, so you can see what the colors look like in real life against our most popular background materials. 

When you order a sample pack, there is no more guessing which material might be best for your project, you can see for yourself. And once you’ve ordered one sample pack, then you will always have these samples to determine what material to use on future projects as well. 

Take a Look at What's Inside

Samples of our materials

Our sticker materials are carefully selected to ensure your flawless design.

Each sample is (literally) a sticker of what that specific material is called and is created in that material. So, when you go to place your order for your stickers, you already know what it’s called and what it feels and looks like.

Inside our packs you will receive a sample of these popular materials:

Clear, Vinyl, Mirror, Holographic, Kraft Paper, Matte, Prismatic, Glitter, Brushed Aluminum, Removable, Matte Mirror, Epoxy, and Heavy Duty Stickers. 

CMYK Charts

In addition to the material samples, you will also get CYMK value charts.

The CYMK charts included are just examples of what we can print. So go wild! We can print any color you want.

CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. This is compatible with printing and this is the color mode that we print in. The richest black when printing with us is 40,40,40,100.

In the sample pack you will get three charts of CMYK values in three different materials. Mirror, Holographic, and Glitter. This will give you a good idea about what colors look in the different effects.

Unsure of the materials? Check them out below to learn more about each