About StickerApp

With over 10 years experience in the printing business we're really freaking good at printing stickers and labels. We're a proud industry leader and ever evolving to reach new adhesive heights.

We Have Mastered the Art of Sticker Printing

We are loved by artists, brands, businesses, and first-time sticker makers for our quality, quickness, and quirkiness. 

We push creative boundaries

We take sticker making to new heights by blending creativity with cutting-edge technology, all while bolstering a community of like-minded sticker-loving artists, brands, and individuals. 

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Bikes to Stickers

We started off selling motorbikes. One could say we made a pivot. From motorbikes, to bike stickers, to just stickers, we’re proud of where we’ve come from and where we are today.


Join our 800,000+ followers on Instagram who love us for our quirky posts, resharing of custom sticker orders, and interactive content. 


For the love of stickers far and wide, we have a huge presence in North America, Japan, and Europe!

Our Customers

Whether you’re a first-time sticker maker or a bustling corporation, we have a place for you. We cater to all kinds of clientele including artists, small businesses, large corporations, and individuals with specific sticker needs.


Today we have a team of over 100 employees working out of our headquarters in Lomma, Sweden, and Annapolis, Maryland. And the growth continues! 


You have an adhesive need? We have a solution. We produce all kinds of custom stickers from decals, labels, industrial strength stickers, stickers for decoration, and so much more. 

Catering to a Wide Range of Sticker Needs

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"We have been using StickerApp for a few years and have been happy customers ever since. Their service and products are easy to use, fast, and of high quality."


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“StickerApp helped us turn around a project on short notice that we needed for our Black Friday | Cyber Monday sale. The quality of their stickers and service is top notch! We look forward to reordering again!”

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"The outstanding quality and extensive range of materials and printing techniques offered by StickerApp are both inspiring and enjoyable. The website is user-friendly, making it effortless to create and order stickers."



Let’s Make Adhesive History Together

We’re Always Looking for People Who Love Stickers as Much as We Do

Check out available opportunities to join our team of StickerAppers.