About StickerApp

How StickerApp - Custom stickers - Was born

StickerApp was born when a printing company met a Swedish web designer in 2011. We have more than 10 years in the business of printing custom stickers. All of our materials, machines, and staff are perfectly matched to give you an amazing experience and a product you love.

Our team is filled with ambitious people excited about making the best stickers possible with a friendly website for our customers. Building a large shop of really nice and unique stickers. We are constantly pushing our creativity and advancing our technologies to become the best source for custom stickers.

We always love to hear feedback that can help us improve and give you an even better experience. So feel free to shoot us an email info@stickerapp.com or leave a comment with your next order and we'll make sure to give it careful consideration.

Check out our Instagram to see endless examples of what we have produced and the 750,000 people that trust and love us.

How to make stickers

let our StickerCat show you how to make a sticker - Is easy!