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Mirror Stickers

It’s something to reflect on.

Our mirror material is wildly popular for it's shining reflective properties and metallic edge. Create entirely reflective designs or opt for only certain areas on your design have the mirror effect. This material is also available with our matte laminate, which is incredibly popular for it's silky smooth touch and appearance. It's sense-ational.

Is easy! StickerCat. Let us know in a comment where you want the material effects to show in your design.
Custom mirror sticker at StickerApp.
Metallic colors
Fully customizable
Add-on options
Back paper print
Dishwasher safe

Make mirror stickers

Leave a comment in our editor if you want the effect on specific areas of your design.


Mirror Mirror…

Make a sticker, but make it mirror. This ultra reflective sticker material is perfect for creating eye-catching stickers that are so shiny you can almost see yourself in them. You can make your entire sticker mirror, or just have certain elements of your sticker which are reflective. Just leave a comment in our sticker maker.

Mirror vs vinyl sticker.
Thre custom mirror stickers.

Go for the Gold, the Silver, or the Bronze

You can opt for a matte mirror sticker which will give them an uber metallic look. Our mirror stickers standardly come in a silver color but you can achieve metallic colors with this material like gold, copper, and bronze tones for a true metallic tone.


How to order mirror stickers

  • Select material "mirror".
  • Select your desired cutline, size and quantity in the wizard above.
  • Upload your file to create your custom order.
  • Leave us a comment to let us know which parts of your design should show the mirror effect. We can print any color with it.
  • Select your shipping and pay.

Let us know if you have any questions or additional requests!

Product Features
Material Name Mirror Premium metalized PET Permanent adhesive
Laminate UV Glossy Pet, Soft touch Matte
Available products Die cut, Kiss cut, Sticker sheets, Hang tags
Size restrictions Max 10.6" (27 cm) in one direction
Back paper print Yes
Pink Ink Yes
Invisible Ink Yes
Opacities Yes
Metallics colors Yes
Recycled No
PVC Free Yes
UV proof Glossy laminate only
Waterproof Yes
Dishwasher safe Yes
Scratchproof Yes
Full color print Yes
Removable Yes
Back Slit Yes
Height 0,120mm (Glossy UV)
Indoor use only No
Yes! If you want a smaller size, please choose the closest possible size in the editor and leave us a comment with the final dimensions. We will adjust it for you and the price will remain the same. Please keep in mind that if both sides are below 3cm, we will need to print your stickers on sheets.
Mirror stickers are printed with a permanent adhesive.
Yes, our mirror material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Mirror material is water- and weather-proof and if you combine it with the glossy laminate, it is also resistant to UV radiation, giving it an outdoor life of about 2-4 years.
Our mirror stickers are water-, weather- and, with a glossy laminate, also UV-proof. They are resistant to light scratches and will work perfectly on a majority of smooth, dry and clean surfaces. Glossy mirror stickers should survive up to 2-4 years outdoors before they begin to fade and it's even longer indoors, depending on the conditions that the stickers are exposed to.

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Sourpuss Clothing

Get Inspired. Get Creative.

Check out these magical mirror stickers from some artists who love StickerApp and get inspired.

Dog mirror sticker.

Mirror design by @stickerapp

tigers mirror stickers.

Mirror design by @rezarayfajar

Matte mirror nudels sticker.

Matte Mirror design by @jessikatastrophie

Didn't quit my job today mirror stickers.

Mirror design by @handsomegirldesigns


Good to know details about Mirror

Custom mirror stickers info.
  • Glossy or matte laminate compatible
  • The perfect canvas for vibrant CMYK colors
  • Opt for matte mirror for ultra soft metallic stickers
  • Mirror Premium metalized PET Permanent adhesive
  • 2-4 year outdoor life with glossy laminate only
  • PVC free product
  • Available as sticker sheets

You will not be charged per printed color

Make a design with as many colors and effects as you want, you'll always pay the same price

What our customers say about Mirror

Trustpilots star ratings
5 / 5 • 70 reviews
Trustpilots star ratings 5 / 5
Value for money
Trustpilots star ratings 5 / 5
Jeremy Wenstrup,
Trustpilots star ratings More details a small caret
Awesome process, awesome results!
Quality Trustpilots star ratings
Value for money Trustpilots star ratings
Trustpilots star ratings More details a small caret
They were perfectly shiny and very eye catching. The printing was excellent and the colours came out beautifully. The stickers did stick to each other a bit along their edges, which was a little annoying, but that also just told me that they had some good glue, so I'm not about to let it ruin my day.
Quality Trustpilots star ratings
Value for money Trustpilots star ratings
Mathew Call,
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Always get my stickers spot-on (pun not intended) without blemish. They've got the process down to an efficient science.
Quality Trustpilots star ratings
Value for money Trustpilots star ratings
Kris ,
Trustpilots star ratings More details a small caret
Professional and such good quality
Quality Trustpilots star ratings
Value for money Trustpilots star ratings
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turned out great with the mirrored edge.
Quality Trustpilots star ratings
Value for money Trustpilots star ratings
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