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Kiss Cut Stickers

Easy peel stickers with extra padding

Kiss cut stickers are individual stickers that are easy to peel and have some extra paper around the sides. The perks to this? You can create stickers with intricate cutlines, but also add designs or written content to remain on the paper surrounding your sticker. This is a great option for creations like logo stickers. Try including your business contact information, social media, or opening hours on the paper surrounding your sticker.

Just leave us a comment in our sticker maker to let us know where the cutlines should be placed for the kiss cut sticker.
Kiss cut stickers made by StickerApp.
In any size or shape
Precisely cut to your design
Wide range of materials
Endless possibilities for your design
Add-on options
Back paper print and special inks

Make kiss cut stickers

Add-ons like back paper print, pink ink and invisible ink can be requested in our sticker maker


Stickers with room to spare

Opt for a kiss cut cutline and score a little extra backing around your sticker. This makes the stickers easy to peel and leaves you with some extra space to add some creative flare around your sticker.

Custom kiss cut sticker.
kiss cut logo sticker - made with luck.
Multiple kiss cut stickers.

Any shape. Any material.


How to order kiss cut stickers

  • Select cutline, size, material and quantity above.
  • Upload your file to create your custom kiss-cut stickers either by including the kiss-cut cutline on a separate layer in your file or by using our editor to upload your background design and kiss-cut sticker design separately and get your kiss-cutline auto generated.  
  • If you select a special material, leave us a comment to let us know where the effect should show!
  • Leave us a comment "kiss cut" or "use the cutlines in file" Then select your shipping and pay!
  • Let us know if you have any questions or additional requests!

Let us know if you have any questions or additional requests!

Product Features
Shape Contour cut, Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Rounded Corners.
On Sheet Yes
Full color print CMYK + white
Materials Available on all
Finish Glossy, matte or cracked ice
Size Max 27,5 cm (10.8") on one side
Absolutely! Kiss-cut stickers are specifically designed to be peelable stickers on a single sheet. Each sticker is precisely cut, allowing for easy removal while keeping the surrounding backing intact. This format ensures convenience during application and storage, making kiss-cut stickers a versatile and user-friendly option for various purposes.
Certainly! We offer custom sticker sheets specifically for this purpose. With custom sticker sheets, you have the flexibility to include multiple kiss-cut stickers of different designs on a single sheet, allowing for convenient storage and application. For more details and options, please refer to our custom sticker sheets or single sheets section, where you can explore the possibilities of creating unique and diverse sticker collections on a single sheet.
To set up your file, it's recommended to save it with two cutline layers: one for the inner kiss cut and another for the die cut that goes through. Make sure to lock the layer that represents the die cut. If you're not using design programs with layers, you can simply upload your complete design and provide us with instructions on which part should be designated for the kiss cut. This allows us to accurately produce your desired kiss-cut stickers while ensuring a seamless and precise cutting process.
The term "kiss cut" gets its name from the meticulous laser-cutting process used. When the laser cuts around the sticker, it essentially gives it a gentle, precise peck while leaving the backing material untouched. It's like they're sharing a little kiss, and that's how the catchy name came to be! So, next time you're peeling off that backing, just remember the sweet embrace of the "kiss cut" technique.

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