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Sticker Sheets

One sheet, multiple custom stickers

Get all of your stickers on one page. Sticker Sheets are ideal for anyone who needs multiple, easy-to-peel stickers on a single sheet. Create dozens of the same sticker or create stickers of different designs with individual shapes, cutlines, and sizes to fill up your page. Wanna level up your sticker sheet? Create your custom page of stickers using any of our effectful materials.

StickerCat Just leave us a comment in our sticker maker that you want a sticker sheet
Custom sticker sheets.
Mix & Match
Use different stickers on one sheet
Wide range of materials
Endless possibilities for your design
Add-on options
Back paper print and special inks

Make sticker sheets

Add-ons like back paper print, pink ink and invisible ink can be requested in our sticker maker


It's the sheet

Throw several designs on a single sticker sheet and create unique cutlines for each individual sticker. Sticker sheets are great to give out to customers, kids, or as party favors. Decorate the sheet itself to create a fun background for your stickers.

Red Sticker sheet.
Custom Sticker Sheet - good times.
Multiple custom sticker sheets.

Any shape. Any material.


How to order sticker sheets

  • Start by choosing the size, we have 3 pre-set sizes, but you can also choose your own size. 
  • The choose quantity of the sticker sheets you want.  
  • Time to choose what material you want your sticker sheet to be.
  • Leave us a comment "kiss cut" or "use the cutlines in file".
  • Next, upload or drag and drop your designs onto the sticker sheet.
  • You'll see the cutline in pink and the bleed represented as dotted blue.
  • Move your stickers around until you're happy with their placement on the sheet.
  • Upload any additional background or add text/images or background color to it.
  • Click on one sticker to edit it individually.
  • Leave any comments for requested areas of special effects.

Make your own Cutlines in Adobe Illustrator:

  • Create your cutline as a path.
  • Make a 100 % Magenta color swatch and name it “Die Cut Color”. Do the same if you want a shape other than a rectangle for your sheet.
  • Save file as PDF or AI. The editor should read the cutlines in your file, but if not, please let us know in the comments section to use them.
Product Features
Sheet Square, Rounded Corners
Shape Contour cut, Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Rounded Corners
Full color print Yes
Size Max 10.8" (27 cm) on one side
Materials Available on all
To order a custom size, select the square shape option in our sticker maker. From there, you can either choose one of our predefined sizes that best suits your needs or enter a specific custom size for your sheet. This allows you to have full control over the dimensions of your sticker sheet, ensuring that it perfectly accommodates your desired designs and requirements.
You can either upload your whole sheet design as an image file and leave us a comment where you want your cutlines so we can help you to do the cutlines for every single sticker on your sheet or you can set up your cutlines as described under "How-to-order" tab in Adobe Illustrator
To do so, simply leave a comment on your order, clearly indicating the specific areas where you want the effects to be applied. Our team will take care of the rest and ensure that the desired effects are added to the designated parts of your sticker sheet.This straightforward process makes achieving customized and eye-catching effects on your stickers easy and hassle-free.
See "How- to-order" in the previous tab or use our Sticker academy for a more detailed "how to order sticker sheet"
You can make the sheet as big as 48” x 48”, and your stickers as small as 1” x 1”. You’ll needs both a .075” safety margin and bleed for every sticker, and .075” spacing between stickers and the edge of the sheet. Check out this image to get a visual. Important!.075” bleeds, and .075” between each sticker cutline


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