Floor Stickers

Custom floor stickers are the perfect way to grab attention in a high foot traffic place. They are laminated with a special floor laminate, a slip resistant film*, to give them grip and withstand the traffic.

Removable floor stickers for stores

They are printed on a 3.4mil thick vinyl so they will lay almost seamless on the floor to prevent any tripping hazards. They can be removed when pleased and will not damage hard flooring. Can be made with a standard, hi-tack (outdoor use) or removable adhesive. Please comment if you wish anything other than standard. *DIN 51130 certified, we cannot be held liable for indirectly related damages and assumes no liability.

  • Full color print
  • Slip resistant
  • Rough surface to provide better grip
  • Scratch proof laminate
  • Any shape or size

Price starts at $35 for 3 pcs

Floor sticker at the airport.

Floor stickers at the airport

Discount floor sticker.

Discount floor stickers

Floor stickers in store.

Floor stickers in store

Floor stickers show the way.

Floor stickers show the way