Skater and artist Peter Phobia

This is a short story about Peter: "Stickers are an essential part of skateboard culture and have inspired me my whole life. My aim with this series is to give back to the culture that shaped me. Stickers are a fun way to show some love and inspire the people around you!"


Laptop and phone stickers in beautiful colors by Peter Phobia.

Laptop and phone stickers by Peter Phobia

Bring our goat baaaack..


"As a skateboarder I've been a collector of stickers my whole life. I was the kid at the skate shop asking for stickers to decorate my board with. Looking back, skateboard graphics and stickers introduced me to the world of art and illustration. Without these experiences I wouldn’t be where I am today."

Sticker on a goats back by Peter Phobia.

Goat sticker

Yellow girl running on a wall sticker by Peter Phobia.

Wall sticker


Peter Phobia is a German illustrator and skateboarder based in New York City. When he’s not drawing or skating, he loves to hang out with his neighbor’s cat, talk to his plants or get lost in his book collection. Peter has worked with clients such as Amazon, Facebook, Samsung, Lufthansa, Off-White, The New York Times, The New Yorker, to name a few.



Project: Skaters


The project ‘Skaters’ is about much more than a person on a piece of wood. Skateboarding is about freedom, energy and community - these are all qualities you can find in this series.

 By creating various skaters but removing the skateboards, I’m trying to visualize the essence of skateboarding. The energy I put into my artwork is deeply personal, yet I hope the language it speaks is universal.

Orange girl skateboard sticker by Peter Phobia.

Skateboard sticker

RGB people dancing stickers on a booklet by Peter

Stickers on a booklet

Stickers by Peter Phobia on a notebook.

more sticker people dancing


Author: Nora 2022-10-12