Behind the scenes with Creativepain

We are pleased to inform you that we had the opportunity to meet the one and only Tyler Pate aka Creativepain. He is known for his cool predominately vector-based art. 

We asked Creativepain some questions so let’s see what he had to say. 

Die cut stickers - MF Doom - Creativepain

MF Doom

Die Cut Stickers

Singel Die Cut sticker MF Doom - Creativepain

MF Doom

Die Cut sticker

MF Doom Sticker - Creativepain

MF Doom sticker

Illustration soon to be a sticker

We asked Creativepain some questions...


  • How would you define your style?

My style is predominately vector-based and consists of clean lines and elements of perspective. I typically blend my vector illustrations with textures and subtle noise, layering my objects until I've achieved a worn and distressed look.


  • What are your favorite tools of the trade – your weapon of choice?

My must-have tool is my Wacom Cintiq Pro. This tablet has made my process so much faster and fluid.


  • Who or what is your biggest inspiration/s?

I continue to be inspired by all the fantastic artists I find through Instagram. I have a mixture of 3d artists and illustrators that keep me motivated to try new things and stay busy. Other artists like Shapard Fairey, James White, and Arron Draplin have been long-time inspirations.


  • What do you credit most for having become awesome?

I'm not sure if I've made it to the awesome level yet, but that's what keeps me motivated, the pursuit. I love what I do, and I've always wanted to be a graphic designer/illustrator. So every chance I get to create something new, I get obsessed with it and constantly try to push my work to new levels. I'm just having fun, and I think it sometimes shows.


  • What’s your favorite StickerApp material? ;)

That's a tough question. It would either be the holographic or glitter; these two materials have been game-changers for me! I'm always excited to see how much better my illustrations look once printed on these materials. These materials are so much fun, and it's hard to beat that.


  • What makes your art special?

I like to think the attention to detail is what makes it stand out. I love spending the extra time on the small hidden details that, once you notice them, you can't unsee them. Ultimately, My goal is to create work that inspires others to create something for themselves, enjoying the creative process and passing it on.


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Author: StickerApp 2022-06-27