Behind the scenes with Ashprice

It’s time for another behind the scenes interview with none other than Ashprice. He is an artist known for his American traditional art with a colorful twist. 

We asked Ashprice some questions so let’s see what he has to say. 


Ashprice - Custom PC Sticker

Skull Computer 

Die Cut Glitter sticker

Ashprice creating stickers on tablet

Ashprice creating stickers

Soon to be sticker

Ashprice - Custom pizza sticker


Die Cut Glitter Sticker


We asked Ashprice some questions...

Get a peek behind the scenes of our friend and super talented illustrator Ashprice 


  • How would you define your style?

I would say it is a very playful take on traditional tattoo imagery/ flash. 

I enjoy drawing the typical American traditional flash subjects like skulls, daggers, eagles, roses etc. but I like to think I inject some kind of reference to pop culture and a playful childish feeling to make it feel exciting and friendly.


  • What’s your favourite technique?

My process usually starts with a sketch in Procreate on iPad and then taken into Adobe Illustrator to vectorize and finalize the design. I solely use the trackpad on my laptop to control the pen tool/ anchor points within Illustrator and fill the black/ color in the same way. That’s the most efficient and pleasing approach for me.


  • Who or what is your biggest inspiration/s?

My biggest inspiration besides tattoo imagery/ culture is color, in a simplified sense of the word.

I am incredibly inspired by colors and particularly complimenting colors that I see all around me on a daily basis that I mentally transform into color palettes.


  • How did it all start?

I can’t say when it started per se although I have always been drawn to art and creating in a bunch of different outlets including drawing, music and crafts. It is often how I communicated throughout my life and a way for me to express myself and to connect not only with others but to myself as well.

As far as what I do now being my “job” and main source of monetary income, I started my Instagram account in 2015 and have been blessed to work with people all over the world since around 2018 and the progress has naturally presented itself as a result of consistency, hard work and gratitude. 


  • Do you have a tip for those who are starting out?

Nothing is more important than having fun. It is absolutely fundamental to creating art in my opinion. It is vital that you are joyful and enjoying what you create. Secondly, never compare yourself to others. It makes sense to appreciate others' techniques and approaches to art but there is only one of you and the world always needs more unique input/output. 


  • Favourite app/program?

I use Procreate on iPad and Adobe Illustrator so those are my favorite apps for allowing me to do what I do. I also use Adobe Photoshop to put together product mockups etc


We thank Ashprice for today, we will surely have more interesting conversations in the future. We at StickerApp will continue to provide intriguing small interviews here on the blog

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Written by StickerApp 2022-06-20