Behind the scenes with @thumbs1

To start off this series of “tiny interviews” with all kinds of artists that print their stickers with us we talked to none other than @thumbs1.

He is a pop kulture artist known for his mashups of all the characters that were your childhood heroes (or villans for that matter but who can tell sometimes

Crusty the clown wallsticker

Krusty the clown

Wall sticker

War face of Krusty wallsticker

War face of Krusty

Wall sticker

Bart and Millhouse wall sticker

Bart and Millhouse

Wall sticker


We asked @thumbs1 some questions...

Get a peek behind the scenes of our friend and insanely talented illustrator @thumbs1 

Blown away by his projects every time we print his custom stickers, we couldn't resist to ask him some questions about his art and also get some hot pro tips for you folks. 


  • How would you define your style?

I’m a Pop Culture artist. I reimagine nostalgic characters from cartoons and infuse them into new designs and universes.


  • What’s your favourite technique?

I use mixed medias when creating my art. For digital work I use an iPad Pro and for painting I use spray paints and acrylic. I listen to a lot of music while creating my ideas, it frees up my mind and helps my art to flow.


  • Who or what is your biggest inspiration/s?

Watching older cartoons and reading comic books gives me an enormous sense of nostalgia and really gives me a huge boost of creativity.


  • How did it all start?

I started doing some graphics while I worked in a skate shop in London, that gave me an insight into the graphic and art world. After that I kind of discovered digital art and started producing a lot of pop culture based pieces. My art has changed direction and evolved over the years and I’m excited to do more live shows in the future.


  • Do you have a tip for those who are starting out?

Have fun with your art. Always produce art for yourself and don’t just follow trends. Experiment and keep it loose and remember, art is a journey. 


  • Favourite app/program?

For any digital work, I’m a vector guy. I use Adobe Fresco on the iPad Pro and I also use Adobe Illustrator.

We thank Thumbs1 for today, we will surely have more interesting conversations in the future. We at StickerApp will continue to provide intriguing small interviews here in the blog

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Written by Nora 2022-03-21