Interview with Grace Miceli (ArtBabyGirl)

Grace Miceli is an artist and author who enjoys creating playful and self-reflective pieces. Grace has just released her first book, How to Deal, which is now in bookstores everywhere. See more of Grace’s works and art on her Instagram @artbabygirl. 

ArtBabyGirl with her dog.

Grace Miceli AKA - ArtBabyGirl

January thank-you-card at StickerApp

Thank-You-Card of January 2023

We asked Grace some questions...

Grace's playful and self-reflective work has been featured in over 50 galleries and museums worldwide. You can find her on Instagram @artbabygirl or at her website: - Let's hear what she has to say:


  • How would you define your style?

Bursting with color and emotion.


  • What’s your favorite technique?

I’ve been loving finding digital brushes that look like actual markers, makes working so much easier and playful.


  • Who or what is your biggest inspiration/s?

Miranda July, Gregg Araki, and Pema Chödrön


  • How did it all start?

I’ve been making art my whole life but I started drawing at the end of college because I was broke but still wanted to make art every day!


  • Do you have a tip for those who are starting out?

Find friends and peers in the field for support and connection. Being an artist can be lonely sometimes.


  • Favorite app/program?

I love Procreate and brushes made by True Grit Texture Supply.


  • Why do you use StickerApp?

I love the quality, colors and amazingly cool special materials and effects :)


  • What’s your favorite material? why?

I used the Holographic material for a recent sticker that is meant to look like a cd case and it worked perfectly. 


  • How do you use stickers for your own business/personal brand?

Stickers were the first merchandise I ever made of my artwork, almost 15 years ago. I love that they are affordable, accessible and have so many uses. 

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Written by Nora 2023-01-09