Behind the scenes with @paiheme

It’s happening, folks. We’re pleased as punch to present to you our second “behind the scene” interview with no one other than @paiheme. @paiheme is an Art Director, Illustrator and graphic designer from Caen, France. If you are fond of japanese-like or vintage designs this is the artist for you

Paiheme - Drawings

paiheme Vinyl die cut sticker

paiheme die cut stickers

We asked @paiheme some questions...

Let’s see what the artist himself has to say...


  • How would you define your style?

I'd say my works are a mix between Asian culture but mainly Japanese, cyberpunk cities, and a vintage twist to bring a bit of nostalgia.


  • What’s your favourite technique?

My favorite technique is a digital drawing which allows me to make tons of tests for colors, line art, etc…


  • Who or what is your biggest inspiration/s?

My biggest inspirations are more people who create things and events than artists, french streamers are really important to me for example. If not I'd say I still love the works of Otomo, Asano, Swiftdeathclub, Ardhira Putra, Miki Kim, or Hiroshi Nagai.


  • How did it all start?

II drew a lot when I was a kid and then I dropped everything for music. Then the magic happened when I started my studies in graphic design at 19yo. At the beginning of the first year, there were a lot of drawing lessons. And the more you reached the end of school, the more you had work to do on Photoshop, In design, and other software. To have a formation both traditional and digital is really important in my opinion. I still draw my sketches on paper and then do the rest on Pc.


  • Do you have a tip for those who are starting out?

Draw what you like because it'll be so far easier to spend hours on it, then when you're getting better you'll appreciate drawing things you don't usually like that much.


  • Favourite app/program?

Photoshop since day one ahah !.

We thank Paiheme for today, we will surely have more interesting conversations in the future. We at StickerApp will continue to provide intriguing small interviews here in the blog

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Written by Alicia 2022-03-23