StickerApp goes LA X @coolman_coffeedan

If you follow our Instagram you already know who we are talking about.. 

Danny Casale (aka Coolman Coffeedan) is an artist in Los Angeles who has gained popularity through his surreal, humorous and crudely-drawn animations.

One of the main characters in his animations is the “Spesh”, a cute little white fella who he animates into a ton of weird situations that make you laugh, cry and think. If a character like that isn’t perfect to be printed as stickers we don’t know what is.


"Spesh" stickers were the stars of the event..

Last week, on March 19th Danny proudly presented his latest animation "Gentleman Bear", during a premier screening event. To give his guests that little extra we created special “Spesh” stickers that were available exclusively at the event.



Check out how the sticker “Spesh” turned into the stars of the event.

Spesh-ial materials...

Since the “Spesh” character is special, we used some of our most special materials like holo, mirror and glitter to create cool effects on every single design and really bring the character to live. Read more about these special materials…

Spesh- ial thanks to @coolman_coffeedan

We are super happy the Stickers were a success and wanted to thank Danny at this point for trusting us with his art and having us be part of this great event!If you are interested in his work definitely check out his Instagram for some truly heartwarming and uplifting animations.


Author: Nora 2022-03-24