From Sketch to sticker:
Pixie Dust

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Die cut Pixie Dust
Dalkhafine posing with stickers made at StickerApp.



My name is Dalkhafine and I'm a french multidisciplinary artist living between Montreal and Paris.

My work has been influenced by engraving and painting, animated film, comics and a childhood in the 90s. It's these years that I wanted to honor with the creation of these 3 stickers! The collection is called "Juicy games" and features analogous objects from my childhood: my green Game Boy Colors that I played with so much, the CRT computer with which I discovered the Internet and the flip phone that introduced me to texting with friends - nostalgic moment!

Actually, Pixie Dust makes perfect sense, as glitter was already in vogue at the time and was often found in games and cards. It was something that fascinated me as a child. The shimmering effect is so fine and precise that it embellishes the stickers and the holographic aspect reflects the light, making them magical... I'm so excited about this collaboration!