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Red Halftone


Lisa’s art is like a mixtape of stories—think sci-fi vibes, impressive architecture, and glimpses into parallel universes, all flawlessly intertwined to create a rockin’ mix.

vinyl sticker with red and white bird
vinyl sticker with red and white bird

I started drawing as a kid

Red Half Tone is a tapestry of storytelling, seamlessly weaving elements of science fiction, architectural wonders, and slices of life from parallel universes. Spice red spice red Stickers and something else.

Spread Your Art

In my experience, keeping it simple is the best place to start with stickers. My first-ever batch of stickers were gloss vinyl contour cut stickers. These days, everything is digital and stickers are a simple way to bring your artwork into the physical realm. I like to think of them as mini prints that can go anywhere. They’re a great tool for self-promotion, and I haven’t met many people who don’t like stickers.


Add Some Flair

For my fellow seasoned designers, I recommend trying out the many shiny special material options. One of my favorite things to do is use white ink to mask out areas so that only select areas allow the material effect to show through.

@REDHALFTONE Die Cut Stickers

Self-Promo Sticker Sheets

Sticker sheets are the ultimate self-promotion piece. You can draw or fill in the surrounding areas around the stickers with your name, social handle, illustrative elements, or whatever you’d like! I recently started including sticker sheets as freebies when people order from my shop.

@REDHALFTONE Sticker Sheet

Expand the Brand with Back Printing

Printing on the back of a sticker is another opportunity to reach a customer. Some of my favorite items to include back printing on are hang tag stickers and sticker sheets. In my opinion, back printing is a must when designing one of these because you can include other information like your social handles, website, promo, or whatever you want.

@REDHALFTONE Hang Tag Sticker