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Giulia Hartz


Giulia Hartz, is an Illustrator and Strategic Designer situated in Berlin. Giulia provides brands and companies with illustrations and designs, and she also runs her own online shop selling her designs on products.

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Designing Your Sticker Sheet

When I arrange my artworks on a sheet, I consider the negative space to ensure each sticker has room to breathe. I like to experiment with different sticker sizes to create a dynamic visual flow. Ultimately, I like to think the layout can serve as a suggestion for how each sticker is later transferred by the person enjoying the sheet!


Don’t forget the back side!

 I've come to appreciate the overlooked space on the back of my sticker sheet as a canvas to fully immerse and engage my users. Sometimes, it's a space for practical information, like guidance on how to use and care for the stickers. Other times, I use it for storytelling or fun facts related to the illustrations. Most importantly, I leverage this space for branding purposes, incorporating my logo, website, or social media handles to reinforce my identity as an artist. 

@GIULIAHARTZ Die Cut Stickers

The magic of clear stickers

I choose clear material for my stickers for a few reasons. First, they're durable and can withstand regular use, even dishwashing, so the personalized products last up to two years. Second, they're easy to remove without leaving any residue, making it easy to update or change up designs. Lastly, their transparency seamlessly integrates the stickers onto any product surface, ensuring a cohesive appearance, regardless of color.

@GIULIAHARTZ Sticker Sheet

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