Meeting the CEO

As part of our blog, you will get to meet the people behind StickerApp. Who we are and what we like - of course we tell you about our favorite materials and stickers. A warm welcome, first up is our CEO Linda


Linda CEO StickerApp

I told my husband I would be really sad if I didn't get this job because I immediately loved the quirky vibe, the culture and StickerApp’s vision



The story of our one and only Linda

Today I stole a minute from our dear CEO Linda Vinberg to find out more about her journey at StickerApp and what she is all about. 

When Linda applied for a position as “part time economy assistant for a sticker company” she didn’t know what journey was ahead of her. The day of the interview she got to meet one of our founders Henrik Huber who introduced her to the company culture and vision we had at the time. She immediately knew she wanted to become a part of the company. 

From her assistant role she quickly grew and became a crucial part in many leading activities, structure, HR and strategy until she ultimately got appointed as CEO when the company got partly bought by investors in November 2019.

How do you see your role at the StickerApp?

Linda describes her role as CEO of StickerApp as an overall responsibility over employees, work environment and making sure that we meet all set goals. When I asked her about the fact that this is a huge responsibility to bear, she passionately explained that she does not feel alone with it, but sees the whole company as one big team.

Running a company is a puzzel

“It’s never a single person running a whole company, I believe we are all hired for our different strengths, and together we are able to lay out the whole puzzle, with everybody being a piece of it”

Linda’s favorite part of working at StickerApp has remained the same throughout her years at the company: the culture. Believing in all employees' creativity and strengths, there is always room for everybody’s ideas and space for people to grow in the company, she says. And I agree having this interview with our CEO Linda is just as relaxed as having a coffee with my favorite Co-workers, so it really feels like all the doors are open.

But of course there are challenges as well, as StickerApp grows rapidly on our journey from a start up to a big international company.

Challenges and opportunites

“Prioritizing everybody’s creative ideas and finding the right direction to go as a company can be challenging at times, but we have become masters in learning from our own mistakes over the years, so there are no problems, only opportunities”

At this point the US market is our biggest of over 40 international markets, which the goal is to grow on many of them. As the company gets bigger, Linda says it gets more and more crucial to nurture the open-minded and fun culture we all love about StickerApp so every employee feels happy and motivated to perform their best, even if we sit in different places all over the world.

To master challenges like this Linda says that she and her team are constantly working on defining and adjusting StickerApp’s mission and set new goals.

Linda outside of work

But enough chat about the job, I’m sure a lot of you wonder who Linda is outside of work and what she did before becoming the “Mom of StickerApp”. With a background in economics Linda has worked at several companies with totally different products which she says, was super interesting and inspiring... but never such a great challenge as here at StickerApp.

Working her way to being the CEO of an international company, you might wonder who or what inspires Linda and gives her the motivation to go on.

Linda CEO StickerApp

Linda CEO StickerApp

Linda talking to StickerApp.

“I have a network of inspiring people around me that has steadily grown over the years. Seeing other people dare to go their own path and accomplish great things for themselves, their careers and the companies they work with is the most inspiring to me!”

When you can’t find Linda in our offices, working her magic you can find her on the stage of a major fitness studio chain as an instructor for different workout programs. Being a wife and a mom of 2 girls (3 if you count the cat) is what she loves the most and she values nothing more than spending time with them.

“I enjoy working out, spending time with my friends and family and reading a good book. It’s super important to detach from all work thoughts during your time off to recharge for new challenges”

That's it, folks!

Talking to Linda and asking her all these questions has truly been enlightening and made me appreciate my workplace even more. Because as an employee what is more important than a boss who sees your potential and helps you in developing your strengths further to be an asset for the company? 

So on this note, a big thanks to Linda for being an awesome CEO and sharing this peek behind the curtains with us! 


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Written by: Nora 2022-08-25