Jumbo Press creates
a Sticker Pack

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Meet the Artist


Jumbo Press is an independent print studio and art collaboration project based in Barcelona, Spain. In an ever-changing digital world, we strive to support, promote, and collaborate with up and coming creatives who are also committed to preserving printed matter.

We take inspiration from the magicverse of childhood toys. Jumbo Press & Pablo Orrego collaborated on this set of vibrant, playful dumby stickers and added a mix of effects to make this sticker pack come to life!

Why stickers packs?
People are always asking us for stickers to stick on their phone, laptop, suitcase or whatever! I think it's a chance for our customers and clients to help share their love for the artists we work with. We usually sell stickers as merch along with other artist collaborations make. But we also drop one in with orders as giving sticker packs always adds that extra value to anything we sell! They are also amazing for getting your name out there! I couldn't tell you the amount of times someone has said to me I saw your sticker in this random bar or coffee shop!