Author: Tilda

Title: PR / Blog Specialist

This is me:

Hi folks, Tilda here, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a Swedish girl who started working at StickerApp in 2020 after I came home from the US where I played golf and studied at college. The best thing with StickerApp is definitely my team. We push each other to be better every day and that is truly inspiring. 

Started at Stickerapp: 2020


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Favorite sticker:

Be Kind by Amanda Brinlee Designs

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Favorite material:


... when in doubt just add glitter. StickerApp has many cool materials but who can say no to some sparkles? Not me at least! 

My personal favorite is white glitter, it gives your stickers that extra dreamy look. 

Get your own white glitter stickers by adding a comment in the order "white glitter" and we will fix it for you. 

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