Author: Nora

Title: Marketing Team Lead

This is me:

Hi guys, Nora here just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I've been working at StickerApp since 2018 and it has been a ride. Originally from Germany, I've been welcomed into this multi-cultural family of creatives and skilled people with open arms. From customer service, over social media to project management - I've been able to grow and develop new skills while working with the best colleagues in the world. 

Started at StickerApp: 2018


  • Communicator
  • Project Manager
  • Coffee Drinker


Favorite sticker:

Pizza Slice by Musketon

Pizza slice sticker.

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Favorite material:

Mirror with our matte laminate

Mirror stickers material.

Let me tell you why...our mirror material has a metallic sheen, which I love, but if you add our matte laminate that shines gets a tad more subtle and the stickers feel super luxe. Perfect for limited edition art stickers or exclusive logo stickers to step up your personal brand. 

If you want the matte laminate the only thing you need to do is order mirror stickers and toggle to "matte" laminate in our sticker editor.

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