Author: Ylva

Title: PR/ Marketing specialist

This is me:

Hi there, Ylva here and this is how my Stickerapp story began. I started working here in 2012 when we were a small company with big dreams. It’s been an amazing ride where I have been focusing on marketing and social media. To be part of such a creative team and to be able to implement all our ideas is one of the best things with working at Stickerapp. Last but not least, to work with a product - stickers - that everyone loves, isn’t too bad either!

Started at Stickerapp: 2012


  • Creative mind 
  • Quality oriented
  • Green smoothie lover


Favorite sticker:

Your Pimples by Pimples

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Favorite material:


If you're looking for the perfect retro vibe and unique feeling then you have to try prismatic. This is one of our unique materials and will turn any sticker into the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. What I like the most with this material is when you use your creativity and just make certain parts of your sticker prismatic. This will make your sticker pop even more!

If you want to try this material, just add a comment "prismatic" in your order and we’ll do the job for you!

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