Author: Laurelle

Title: Copywriter, Content creator

This is me:

I'm Laurelle! I'm originally from San Diego California and have transplated to Europe where I have lived in Ireland, Scotland, and now Sweden. 

I graduated from San Diego State University in 2015 with a bachelors in Hospitality and New Media Studies. I moved to Dublin Ireland shortly after and obtained a Masters degree in 2018. 

The past few years, I was a full time freelancer and travel blogger, traveling across the world and doing freelance journalism, marketing, and copywriting for tourism corporations. 

I have worked as a copywriter for 4+ years and love the process of creating fun and catchy copy.

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  • Writing! I have also worked as a publicist, an event coordinator, social media manager, and jounalist. Basically all things marketing! But writing is my favorite. :)

Favorite sticker:

Hopeless Merc by By Diego Pedauyé

I just always want tacos. This speaks to me.

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Favorite material:


I absolutley love holographic because it's just gorgeous and retro and I'm pretty sure that's what the inside of my soul looks like. 

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