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Labels on Roll

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Our labels on rolls are suitable for both manual and machine labeling. They’re made using continuous backing material wrapped around a cardboard spool. Any excess material around your labels is removed, leaving you with custom labels on a convenient roll for easy application.

Simple Customization
Labels in any shape
Superior Service
Flexible and reliable support
Exceptional Quality
The best labels on earth
Jar, can and bag with custom brand labels.

Sizes & Material Options

We produce labels in almost any shape and form you require; round, oval, square, or contour cut according to your design. To ensure efficient production and minimize excess materials, we’ve standardized six different roll sizes based on label size.

We are initially prioritizing our most popular material options and will continue to gradually introduce others. Current online options are White, Transparent, Silver, and recycled Kraft Paper.

We regularly produce special orders besides our online options. Reach out to us with any specific questions or requests.

How to order labels on rolls

  • Make initial choices on shape, material, size and quantity
  • Upload file with you label design
  • Edit the image in our Editor (optional)
  • Choose label orientation
  • Place the order

We will send confirmation to you via email once the order has been received and reviewed. You can contact us by writing a comment when placing the order, or reach out to us via email in advance. We offer extended customer support to business clients and have regular collaborations. Let’s talk!

Product Features
Shape Contour cut, Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Rounded Corners.
On Sheet No
Full color print CMYK
Size Max 10.8 inches (27,5 cm) on one side
Materials White Vinyl, Transparent Vinyl, Silver Vinyl, Kraft Paper
Our online service currently supplies the following material options; White, Transparent and Silver vinyl, as well as recycled Kraft Paper. Initial available online options for finish are glossy or uncoated.

Contact us to get the specific details about the materials and other available options. We continuously produce special requests. Reach out at
We are proud to be able to both deliver low order quantities at affordable prices, as well as offer generous discounts for higher volumes. If you have a special request we encourage you to contact us in order to get a good deal. We regularly partner with artists and companies, so please reach out if you are interested.
Regular turnaround time is 1-2 days production and 1-3 days transport depending on size, type and location of your order. You can find estimated delivery times at checkout when placing your order.
Yes, please contact us at
Labels can be made round, oval, square, rectangle or contour cut according to your design. Available label sizes options vary from 1 to 11 inches in width, and the subsequent width of your rolls depends on the size of your label.

To ensure efficient production and minimize excess materials, we’ve standardized six different roll sizes based on label size: 1.55, 2.20, 2.75, 3.65, 5.50 and 11.0 inches. Bleed is 0.08 inches. Width and sizes will depend on the orientation of your choosing and number of rolls depend on both size and quantity. We encourage you to contact us if you want help to get it right.
Number of labels on each roll depends on the size of your order and the size of your labels. Contact us if you need specific information via email
Generally speaking, labels primarily serve to provide information, often about an item or product. However, they are typically made from thinner materials and are not designed to withstand the same rigorous conditions as stickers.

While stickers may hold an edge in some cases, labels prove indispensable for certain applications and allow higher order volumes, greater convenience and easy peel.
four soy bottles with custom labels on roll.

Cost Effective Labeling

Our flexible and advanced production capabilities empower us to offer not only highly competitive pricing for small orders of labels on roll, but also to extend discounts for higher volumes. We cater to both small and medium size businesses as well as individuals and artists.

While stickers may hold an edge in some cases, labels prove indispensable for certain applications and allow a higher degree of cost efficiency.

Custom labels on wine bottles.

Easy & Convenient

Labels on a roll come with a convenient backing material that allows for easy peeling and application. Crafted from thinner, high-quality materials, our labels offer a sleek and professional appearance.

Labels share similarities with regular stickers, but they come with distinct advantages. While they may not be designed to withstand the same rigorous conditions as stickers, they are specifically designed to be peeled off the roll smoothly and applied with ease.

Custom labels on a box with food.

Labels for Every Use

Labels are designed to adhere effectively to diverse surfaces, including paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, and more. This versatility allows your unique labels to be used across a broad spectrum of products, items or materials.

So whether you’re running a brewery, an apparel brand or flower shop - or want to put labels on the jars of your homemade jam or honey - our labels are the perfect product for your product.