Author: Henrik

Title: SEO Manager

This is me:

A very welcome to you. First off, I hope you enjoy of site and that you created some awsome custom stickers or bought some stickers from our sticker shop. Many of you are skilld designers, and for me as an non-artistical person really enjoy just browse throu all the cool designs.

I started my journey in 2010 by selling online stores to companies. It soon became clear that many companies could not really reach their customers. Here began my first steps in to the world of SEO.

My angle on SEO has always been conversions and to at the end of the year see the value in working actively with your business and your website / online store.

Started at Stickerapp: 2022


  • Well, the SEO stuff I guess

Favorite sticker:

Hoy shit by Pencake

Rainbow Holy Shit

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Favorite material:

Glow in the dark

Glow in the dark - Stickers

I gotta pick "glow in the dark" because of the childhood memorys of glow in the dark-things =)

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