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Elevate your brand and business with custom stickers.


Using stickers for business purposes, keeps things cohesive. Literally! With our custom business stickers you can shop for functional stickers like labels or floor path marking stickers, and in the same place you can also render and create your own branded sticker products, like logo stickers and hang tags.

No matter what kind of stickers you need for your business, we can guide you through the process to create vibrant stickers with dazzling effects and sticky longevity.

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hang tag sticker attached with string to a sweater

Stickers, decals and labels for a matching brand

Create stickers for all your business purposes. Produce the perfect promotion by adding branded stickers to your campaign or create custom product labels for all your inventory. Whatever your business requires, you can create custom branded stickers and functional stickers in seconds. Choose from dozens of eye-catching materials, opt for glossy or matte laminate, and customize effects on specific parts of your design.

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"StickerApp has been our GO-TO for 3+ years!"..."hands down the best quality stickers, amazing customer support and very fast shipping times worldwide. Happy to have StickerApp as our official producer of Sticker Savages stickers!"
Sticker Savages
"Being an animator, there's nothing more important than being able to produce products of my characters that people are able to take home. It increases the love between the viewer and the art. StickerApp has helped me do exactly that with high-quality, creative, and colorful stickers that re-imagine how my 2D cartoon characters interact with this 3D world."
Danny Casale
"Been ordering stickers for over two decades and StickerApp is by far the best I’ve ever come across. Awesome ordering experience, quality and service"
Hello Merch
"We have been using StickerApp for over a year now and have had nothing but a great experience! The customization process through their website is super user friendly. They provide a variety of stickers to meet all of our business needs! Our stickers always arrive on-time and the quality always meets our expectations!"
Fieldcraft Survival

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