Custom Laptop Stickers

If you’re looking to sticker bomb your laptop, consider your search over.

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The Lowdown

Looking to spruce up your hardware? Our custom laptop stickers are both easy to put on and peel off, without leaving any sticky residue. Perfect for all you mind-changers out there.

Decorate your laptop with stickers

The scratch-proof surface will keep your sticker looking peachy no matter how many times you pull it out of your laptop sleeve. (They’re also UV-resistant and waterproof, if you’re adventurous with your device.) If you’re a business owner, organization or anything of the kind, this is a nifty way of advertising yourself without spending a fortune. Just make your own custom stickers!

Just use your laptop anywhere other than home and you’ve got yourself a miniature mobile billboard. 

  • Works with all kinds of devices
  • Cheap and easy advertising
  • Withstands heat from laptop
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Wear and tear proof

Why not go a little bit broader? Print your business logo

Check out our business page to see what else we can help you out with. 


Make custom stickers


Some important Customized Laptop Stickers Aesthetic

Laptop Stickers Aesthetic details

Preferred material
White Vinyl

Favored size
3” x 3” (Circle) 
4” x 4” (Square)

Can we put in our two cents’? All our materials work, but we recommend opting out of Kraft Paper for durability reasons. Epoxy and Heavy Duty aren’t the best options either, as they can leave a residue thanks to their Ultra Hi-Tack adhesive. They’re great for other purposes though, like Hard Hats.


Make custom stickers


Laptop stickers samples

Young woman sitting in window with laptop clad in stickers

School Student Laptop stickers
Different sizes and any shape


Young man working on sticker bombed laptop at a desk

Developer Laptop Stickers
Die-cut stickers from 1.5" to 4"


Young man DJing whilst looking at laptop decorated with a large typographic sticker

Dj Laptop stickers
Vinyl (Die-cut)
10” x 4.5”


An open laptop with a pink heart sticker placed next to a coffee cup on an unmade bed

Coffee Lover Laptop stickers
Vinyl (Die-cut)
4” x 4.5”


Make your own laptop stickers here