Skateboard stickers

Stick the landing with our radically durable custom skateboard stickers. Choose the size, shape, quantity, material, and upload your own unique design to create your custom skateboard sticker.


Withstands your grind

Permanent adhesive
They really stick

UV resistant
Protected from sunlight



New to decking out your board? Skateboard stickers are usually placed on the underside of your skateboard's top deck to make your board uniquely yours. Whether you want your skateboard to have a certain aesthetic or if you just want to plaster some sick sticks to give your board some personality, the choice is up to you. 

Make die cut stickers for your skateboard
Show your custom stickers with a kick flip


These little dudes have a scratch-proof, PET-laminate film that is built to last through all the grinding, kickflipping, and rail sliding. Not to mention, they can withstand any kind of weathering elements and any *potential* wipe outs for up to four years. Glossy vinyl stickers are also UV protected, so they stay vibrant and fresh longer, and won’t face much sun damage in their 4-year lifetime. 


Custom stickers for all boards


Skateboards, snowboards, surfboards, longboard - our vinyl scratch proof stickers can be slapped on all of your sport equipment. Just make sure the surface is clean and dry when you're applying the stickers and you're good to go.


Skateshop can print skate stickers with logos


Own a longboard-, skateshop or other small business? You can create and upload any design or logo you want and order stickers in bulk. Just upload your best selling designs or create some funky new ones and order as many as you like. 

Stickers by Lessthanlocal

Personalize your gear like helmet


Stick ‘em on your helmet, on your skis, on your racks, and on your knee (pads). There’s no better way to give your gear some personality than to decorate it up with some stickers that resonate with you


Product Recommendations

Skateboard stickers can be small, big, super bright, or black and white. But here’s our two cents on what are generally the most popular options when creating stickers for skateboards.

Preferred materials White vinyl, holographic, clear, heavy duty
Finish Glossy
Size 3" x 3" (circle) or 4" x 4" (square)

**you will not be charged per color. Make a design with as many colors as you want, you’ll always pay the same price.

Make custom stickers


Get inspired. Get Creative.

Wall stickers at the skate park

Wall stickers at the skate park

skateboard with stickers at the drag race track

skateboard with stickers at the drag race track

Personalize your skateboard with stickers

Girl showing off her pimped skateboard

Skateboard with custom die cut stickers

Skateboard with custom die cut stickers



Schnazz up your board easily with custom skateboard stickers. You can show off your own designs and make your skateboard super personalized. But just to make sure that your skateboard stickers come out looking legit, here’s a few things to remember.

  • You can print your skateboard stickers on any of our materials. But Vinyl and heavy duty will last the longest and be the most durable for your skateboard.
  • In order for your stickers to live their best and longest lives, opt for glossy laminate for the best scratch proof protection. 
  • Our glossy laminate is UV protected, so stickers won’t lose their personality even in direct sunlight
  • No matter what kind of skateboard sticker you wanna make, you can upload your design in our super easy sticker editor, and get a proof in seconds. 

make custom stickers


Looking for something else?

Our materials have been hand chosen by our team to ensure the highest quality, here are some great products with different ways to utilize them.


Make custom skateboard stickers