Logo Stickers

Make custom logo stickers for your business that make great first impressions. Any size, any shape, any color, any brand.

Back paper print
Design on the back

Contour cut
Any shape

Matte or glossy
Laminates available



Make your marketing memorable with custom logo stickers. These easy-to-apply stickers are perfect for getting your name out there and spreading the word about your business, team, or personal brand. Logo stickers are schnazzy and slappable on any hard surface so you and your customers or fans can display their favorite brand on everyday items. 

Burger logo sticker on a laptop.
Branding stickers on a pizza box.


Make it bold baby! You can make your logo stickers shiny, shimmery, matte, or glow in the dark. Whatever your favorite material may be, you can make your logo super unique with our materials. When it comes to color…the limit does not exist. Go nuts. Choose as many colors as you want on your logo sticker, or keep it minimal and clean. Either way you won’t be charged extra for more color. 


Logo sticker on a coffee cup.


Spread the word about your business by slapping your logo stickers anywhere and everywhere. You can easily brand your packaged products with a logo sticker. Whether you’re mailing products to customers and want to decorate the packaging, or serving up your locals a hot cup of joe with your logo on the disposable coffee cup. The possibilities to market your business with branding stickers are endless. 

Branding stickers on an envelope.


Strengthen your personal branding with logo stickers. Spruce things up by including a sticker on an envelope if you send freebies to customers and fans. Or maybe create a memorable logotype sticker to give away at your next showcase, so fans of your work can remember you easily. Branding stickers can take your brand to the next level. 

Die cut logo stickers on a red helmet.


Use stickers to decorate your shop, laptop, or wherever you see fit. Maybe you’re part of a sports club; slap your logo on your helmet to rep your team. Or maybe try creating a statement wall or floor stickers in your brick and mortar store. Logo stickers can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so the sky's the limit when it comes to how you can spice things up with a logo sticker. 


Product Recommendations

The possibilities for how you can design a logo sticker are seriously endless. But here are our two cents on what is generally the most popular option when printing logo stickers.

Materials White vinyl, holographic, clear
Finish Glossy, Matte
Favored size 4" x 4" (square) or 3" x 3" (circle)
Cutline Die cut, kiss cut or sticker sheet





All my friends are dogs - die cut sticker.

Arizona state branding sticker.

Informative sticker to stay 6ft apart.

Hang tag logo stickers.


What’s not to love about logo stickers?

Logo stickers can seriously step up your branding. Your logo can be your customers' first impression of your company and we want to make sure that your logotype comes out looking legit. So here are a few things to remember.

  • You can print your logo on any of our materials! But if you want to slap these bad boys on surfaces that will be outdoors, we say stay away from our Kraft Paper material. It isn’t waterproof.
  • If you want your logo stickers to have some longevity, opt for vinyl stickers with a glossy laminate. They’ll last for up to 4 years, indoors and outdoors.
  • Laminates, with the exception of pink ink and matte, are UV protected and won’t lose their personality even in direct sunlight
  • Logo stickers can literally be used for anything. Decor, branding, marketing, or heck even selling them as merch if you have a fire logo your customers love.
  • Whatever the design, you can upload it in our super easy sticker editor, and get instant proof in seconds. 

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