Invisible Ink

Add secret messages, edgy effects, and spooky surprises with Invisible ink.

The secret layer no one knows is there. 

Add an extra invisible layer when creating your sticker with design details, hidden messages, codes or anything you don’t want to be seen at first glance or in the daylight - only UV light.

invisible ink hidden behind StickerApp logo.
invisible ink shown hidden messages on stickers.

Be sure to leave a comment, the ink might be invisible but we won’t ghost you.

This color is super special so it needs some extra attention when creating your invisible ink stickers. These are your options:

Option 1

Upload file in .ai or .PSD to StickerApp

Upload your file with an extra layer that shows where you want the invisible ink to appear under UV light and leave a comment for “Invisible ink”.

Option 2

upload 2 .png-files to StickerApp

If you don’t have a design program to handle layers, you can upload 2 png files. One includes your artwork and the other, the details you want printed invisible. ATTN: they need to be the same size for us to be able to see where exactly you want the invisible ink placed.

Option 3

write a comment to StickerApp

If you just want already visible details of your design to get an extra glow under UV light, let us know which specific details in a comment with “these details: XXX Invisible Ink”


The obscure details of invisible Ink

  • It’s a UV reactive color that is only visible when exposed to UV light.
  • It appears bright yellow when exposed to UV light (color may vary depending on UV lamp)
  • It can be printed on all our materials (except floor/wall stickers and glow-in-the- dark stickers)
  • Pops most on other contrasting colors
  • Shouldn’t be combined with Glow-in-the-dark, it cancels out each other’s effects
  • It’s a flat color so no gradients or shadowing
  • It appears under UV lights
  • Stickers with Invisible Ink are not UV resistant. Invisible Ink stickers will have a different laminate that is not as UV resistant as our normal laminate (this is so you can actually see it under UV light, duh).
  • The sticker will still be super durable and will last a while, but is not guaranteed to be as vibrant or long lasting when exposed to the elements outdoors.

Why do we love UV light stickers?

Stickers with ghost and invisible ink.
  • You can leave secret messages in your creations
  • You can create fun labels for nightclubs and dark venues
  • We love Halloween and invisible ink brings Halloween stickers to a whole new level
  • Great for security reasons like authenticity sigils and for scanning tickets 
glas with a invisible ink sticker.
Entry ticket with invisible ink.

Use Invisible Ink on your favorite StickerApp materials

Invisible ink is compatible with any of our sticker materials with the exception of floor/wall stickers, and glow in the dark stickers. So whether you want a holographic sticker with groovy invisible ink details, or a reflective mirror sticker with a secret message under UV light, the options are endless. 

Get the the element of surprise right with flat colors

The invisible ink is slightly less visible when printed on a material like holographic or glitter due to their own reflectiveness and shine, so we recommend using it on opaque parts of your designs. This way, the flat color parts will display your invisible design or message and the other details on your sticker will shine with our special effects like holographic or glitter. 

Just let us know in a comment with your order how you want the effects to be placed and don’t forget to upload your files according to the 3 options mentioned in the boxes above. 


Custom invisible ink design samples

Sticker with duckling and ghost in invisible ink.Invisible ink ink on vinyl stickers by @fulifulitattoo

Die cut sticker with an Apple and skull in invisible ink on glitter material.Invisible ink on glitter stickers by @moa

Halloween sticker with invisible ink on kraft paper.Invisible ink on kraft paper stickers by @tommydevoid

A sticker with a eyes in the hat hidden with invisible ink on mirror material.Invisible ink on matte mirror stickers by @linda_flowers

You’re totally inspired now aren’t ya? Order your design on any material and just follow instructions in the yellow box above to indicate what details you want to be invisible until exposed to UV light. We’ll take care of the rest. 

Try it out yourself and watch this ink appear out of nowhere, just like that old dating app match that slides into your DMs a year later.