Can you make hang tag stickers?

Yes, we can make your stickers with an extra space and hole cutout to be used as hang tags.

What are hang tag stickers?

Hang tag stickers are adhesive labels that are designed to be attached to products or items using a hanging tag. These stickers typically include important product information, such as brand name, product name, price, size, and other details.

Hang tag stickers are commonly used in retail settings, such as clothing stores, gift shops, and artisan markets, to provide customers with detailed information about the products they are considering purchasing. They can also be used to promote special deals or discounts, to indicate new products or collections, or to provide care instructions for clothing or other products.

Hang tag stickers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, depending on the specific needs of the product or the retailer. They can be made from paper, vinyl, or other materials, and may include a variety of design elements, such as logos, graphics, and text.

Overall, hang tag stickers are an effective way to provide customers with important product information in a clear and concise way, while also adding a professional and branded touch to products and merchandise.

You can include this in your own cutline or write a comment when you place your order so we can help you out. 


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