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Customizable Hang Tag Stickers

Are you looking to level up your product labels? Add a sticker function to your regular ol’ tags and, voila, you’ve got yourself a Hang Tag 2.0. A nifty way to give your brand a boost, and a fun added bonus for your trusty customers. Our hang tag stickers are completely customizable, even down to hole placement, so there’s nothing holding you back from really going all out on designing them.

Hole placement on Hang Tag

Add a comment in the editor that you're making a Hang Tag sticker and we'll fix it for you. Don't forget to include a cutline for hole placement.

Build your brand

You can customize your hangtag exactly as you want. Do you want to include the logo? No problem. A picture of yourself? Sure! A cat? Yes, why not. When you have finished designing and want to provide your contact information, discount codes, or something else, we recommend adding it to the back! You can, in fact, print on the back of your sticker. It's a brilliant way to get your message out there - if you ask us. (When you order, don't forget to comment on where you want the hole in your hangtag)


Back paper print on your sticker

Why not give the back of the sticker some attention? With our Back Paper Print feature, you can add whatever you like on the sticker back. Perfect for important product information, leaving the front ready for a neat sticker design.

  • Multiple materials to choose from
  • Boosts your brand
  • Great added bonus for customers
  • Perfect for Back Paper Print
  • Sticks to most surfaces

Since you’re making Hang Tag Stickers, we’re guessing you probably have a business of some sort. Why not check out our business page to see what else we can do for you? 


Make custom stickers

Hang Tag Stickers samples

Cartoon contour cut sticker of overweight Batman jumping down

Custom Hang Tag Stickers
Different sizes and any shape


Black round motorcycle-style hang tag sticker for clothing brand featuring a skull wearing a helmet

Clothing Hang Tag Stickers
Vinyl (Die-cut)
4.5” x 4.5”


White rectangular hang tag sticker with a smiley for a cup cake business

Coffee Shop Hang Tag Stickers
Vinyl (Die-cut)
4.5” x 2.5”


Hang tag sticker example with a logo

Logo Hang Tag Stickers
Vinyl (Kiss-cut)
5” x 3.5”