10 halloween sticker ideas for an extra spirited holiday

Need some Halloween decorating inspiration? Or want to bewitch your business for the spooky season? These are our top tips on how to use Halloween stickers to decorate your home and business.

1. Bring your favorite creepy characters to life with 3D stickers

Bring ghosts, ghouls, zombies, and all their friends to life by making 3D Halloween stickers. 3D Epoxy stickers are made with a polyurethane resin to add some depth to your normal 2D flat stickers. Stick em’ on your kids lunch box, on your laptop or water bottle, or use them in your Halloween arts and crafts like on picture frames and in scrapbooks

Insider suggestions: 3D eyeballs, rounded pumpkins

2. Make your house or office look haunted with window stickers

Transparent halloween stickers can turn any window or glass surface into a haunting scene. Use window stickers to decorate the front windows of your home. Whatever look you want, whether you want to slap some shadowy figures in the windows or stick on some friendly little ghosts to greet your guests, window stickers are a fun and easy way to decorate for Halloween.

3. Create Halloween jar labels

Create a festive feel in your kitchen with halloween jar labels and stickers. Create vintage inspired halloween labels with kraft paper material for a rustic and spooky vibe. Place the labels on display jars and containers to leave on your kitchen counter to bring Halloween to every corner of your home.

4. Design deadly door stickers

Enter if you dare? Halloween door stickers are great for front doors and bedroom doors. Decorate the exterior of your home with door stickers to welcome and warn the trick-or-treaters. Create a harrowing crime scene with a do not enter sticker, or create a warm greeting with festive fall aspects. Whatever your scene is, door stickers can seriously set the tone.

5. Create spine-chilling scenes with Halloween wall stickers

Wall Stickers are the best option for creating haunted houses, and haunted mazes, or for turning the workplace into a truly terrifying place to be. Wall stickers can be anything from Halloween greetings and elements, to scary iconic characters like Freddie Kruger and IT.

Insider suggestion: Create fake windows with Halloween wall stickers to build haunted hallways.

6. Decorate your business packaging

Use Halloween stickers to step up your business aesthetic. If you have a physical product or mail you send to customers and clients, take it one step further this Halloween season by decorating your packaging or products. Your customers or recipients will remember the extra effort.

7. Create vinyl decals for witchy wine lovers

The rain is falling, leaves are on the ground, and it's time to light a candle and pull out the old arts and crafts bin! Step up your Halloween arts and crafts game with vinyl decals. Vinyl Halloween decals are perfect for creating your own custom glassware.

Insider suggestion: Create a special spooky wine glass or glass mug with clear stickers. These transparent vinyl decals are dishwasher safe!
8. Send out limited edition Halloween logo stickers

Make your brand stand out with a seasonal twist. Fans of your brand will love a Halloween-inspired logo sticker. Keep your design, add some seasonal colors or elements and sell your logo sticker or send them out with your products. Seasonal branding is a great way to celebrate the seasons and promote your business.

9. Skip carving; decorate your pumpkin with stickers instead

Use stickers to decorate your pumpkin and skip the carving. Your pumpkins will last longer, and it’s kid-safe. Want to stick to the classical carving? Use stickers to create stencils for carving.

Insider suggestion: use clear stickers to create transparent pumpkin stencils.

10. Win the title of best ‘trick or treat house’ with invisible ink stickers

Ready to hold the title of the best trick-or-treat house in the neighborhood? Skip the candy and pass out Halloween stickers with invisible ink. This special ink appears under black light, so pass out stickers with a small black light flashlight for memorable stickers the kids will be talking about all year.

Written by: Henrik 2022-10-03