What is a kiss cut sticker?

A kiss-cut sticker is essentially a sticker surrounded by removable backing material that's larger than the sticker itself. The term 'kiss cut' refers to the laser-cutting technique used to cut around the sticker while leaving the backing material intact, so that the two are effectively “kissing”. 

Kiss cut stickers are typically produced using a specialized cutting tool, such as a vinyl cutter or plotter, that is programmed to create a precise cut through the top layer of the vinyl material without cutting through the backing material.

A kiss-cut sticker is a type of vinyl sticker that is cut through the vinyl layer but not through the backing material, allowing the sticker to remain intact until it is peeled off for application.

The term "kiss cut" refers to the process of cutting only the top layer of the vinyl material, leaving the backing material untouched. This allows the sticker to be easily peeled off and applied to a surface, while the backing material can be discarded.

Kiss-cut stickers are commonly used for promotional purposes, such as branding and advertising, and are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs. They are also popular among artists and designers who use them for custom projects and personalization.


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