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Make a custom sticker sheet

Stickers are not just for kids anymore

In fact, custom stickers have become a popular and versatile marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, as well as a fun way to personalize laptops, water bottles, phone cases, and more. Whether you want to promote your brand, raise awareness for a cause, or simply add some personality to your belongings, custom sticker sheets are an excellent choice. You can make your own sticker sheets with custom sizes using any of our materials. 

Making your custom sticker sheets has never been easier

  1. Start by choosing the size, we have 3 pre-set sizes, but you can also choose your own size
  2. The choose quantity of the sticker sheets you want.
  3. Time to choose what material you want your sticker sheet to be. You can choose between; Vinyl, Holo, Glow, Glitter, Clear, Mirror, Prismatic, Aluminum, and Paper.
  4. Next, upload or drag and drop your designs onto the sticker sheet.
    How to make custom sticker sheets at StickerApp.
  5. You'll see the cutline in pink and the bleed represented as dotted blue.
  6. Move your stickers around until you're happy with their placement on the sheet.
  7. Upload any additional background or add text/images or background color to it.
  8. Click on one sticker to edit it individually. You can also edit the background in the same way.
  9. Choose laminate between Glossy and Matte.
  10. To some materials, you can add Back paper print. Which you can use for more information, QR-codes, website, or contact details. You can also have a background image on the back of your sticker sheet.
  11. Leave any comments for requested areas of special effects.
  12. Once you're happy with your design, you're ready to go!


Make sticker sheet at StickerApp.

Make Sticker Sheets

Setting up your file

Upload a vector PDF or layered PSD.

Your file should have a layer with your sticker artwork and a layer with your cutlines. And a separate background layer if you have a background image that is not part of the stickers.

Your file needs to have bleeds and safety margins for the cutting. Meaning that all cutlines need to be .075" away from your art (safety margins) and have .075" bleed.

There also needs to be .075" between 2 cutlines.


Custom Sticker Sheet Template

Download template here

To learn how to make your own cutlines, click here. If you cannot make your own cutlines, we can make them for you.


Make custom sheets