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Creating metallic stickers: A guide and FAQ

Learn how to make metallic stickers

Here you will find a step-by-step guide on how to make metallic stickers with us. You will find all the frequently asked questions on the subject at the bottom of the page.

How can I create custom metallic stickers?

Creating custom metallic stickers with us is a straightforward process that can add a dazzling touch to your design. Our options allow for a unique finish, turning standard colors into metallic wonders—think shiny gold instead of flat yellow, or reflective silver taking the place of dull grey. Follow our simple steps to elevate your stickers from ordinary to extraordinary.

4 ways to get metallic colors

Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Metallic Stickers:


  1. Upload Your Design: Begin by uploading a high-resolution design in CMYK color mode to our editor. This ensures the colors in your metallic stickers are vibrant and precise.
  2. Specify the Metallic Effect: If you have specific areas where you want the metallic effect, use a layer file to indicate these sections. Alternatively, a layer mask can be used for the same purpose.
  3. Communicate Your Needs: Leave a comment for our team in the editor, instructing us to pay attention to the layers in your file that signify where the metallic effect should be applied.
  4. Don’t Have a Layer File? No problem! Simply tell us in the comments which parts of your design you'd like to be metallic. We’ll reach out if we need more details to fulfill your vision.

Bronze metallic in stickers

Bronze metallic
C: 0
M: 50
Y: 100
K: 30

Rose gold metallic in stickers

Rose gold
C: 0
M: 40
Y: 60
K: 0

Gold metallic in stickers

Gold metallic
C: 0
M: 20
Y: 100
K: 0

Silver metallic in stickers

Silver metallic
C: 0
M: 0
Y: 0
K: 40

What materials are used for metallic stickers?

Our metallic stickers come in two premium materials:

  1. Brushed Aluminum: This gives a textured, matte finish with subtle shine.
  2. Mirror Vinyl: This offers a glossy, reflective surface, like a polished mirror.

Both materials not only give your stickers a metal-like appearance but are also paired with a UV laminate for outdoor use, ensuring they’re resistant to weather and wear.

Can I use metallic stickers outdoors?

Absolutely! Our metallic stickers are laminated with UV protection, making them durable against the elements. They stick firmly yet can be removed without leaving residue, preserving the surface underneath.

How do I select the right CMYK values for a metallic effect?

For the best metallic effect, we recommend the following CMYK configurations:

  • Gold Metallic: C: 0, M: 20, Y: 100, K: 0
  • Rose Gold: C: 0, M: 40, Y: 60, K: 0
  • Silver Metallic: C: 0, M: 0, Y: 0, K:40
  • Bronze Metallic: C: 0, M: 50, Y: 100, K: 30

These values are designed to emulate metallic hues and should be used when preparing your design for upload.

FAQ metallic stickers:

  • What should I do to ensure my metallic stickers look their best?

Use high-resolution images and the recommended CMYK values to ensure the metallic colors shine through vividly.

  • Can I have only certain parts of my sticker with a metallic effect?

Yes, you can! Just use a separate layer or layer mask to indicate the metallic areas in your design file.

  • How do I indicate which parts I want metallic if I don't have a layer file?

Leave us a comment in the editor specifying your requirements, and we'll reach out if we need further clarification.

  • Are metallic stickers durable for outdoor use?

Yes, our metallic stickers are laminated for outdoor use, making them weather and wear-resistant.

Create your custom metallic stickers with us today and experience the impact of a high-quality, eye-catching finish that sets your design apart. Whether it's for personal expression or business branding, our metallic stickers are sure to make a statement.