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Can you print on the back of the stickers?

Yes, with our back paper printing feature, we can print in full color on the back of our white and clear vinyl, holographic and mirror stickers.

This is an awesome way to make your custom stickers really unique. You can use it to add a new dimension to your sticker or print your personal info.

Tryck på baksidan av klistermärket med möjlighet att anteckna saker

Sticker with reminder back paper print

Tryck på baksidan med företagsuppgifter på klistermärket

Business card sticker with back paper print

Tryck på baksidan av klistermärket

Print what you want on the back of the sticker

Tryck valfri design på baksidan av ditt klistermärke

Take the sticker to the next level

Back Paper Printing in Sticker Design

The back paper of a sticker is the protective layer that covers the adhesive side of the sticker before it is applied to a surface. When a sticker is printed, the design or image is typically printed onto the front side of the vinyl or paper material, while the adhesive side remains blank.

However, some stickers may also have printing on the back paper, which can serve various purposes. For example, backpaper printing may include branding or contact information for the sticker manufacturer or designer. It may also include instructions for applying or removing the sticker, or other important information the user needs to know.

Back paper printing can be particularly useful for custom or personalized stickers, as it allows the designer to include additional information or branding elements that may not be able to fit onto the front of the sticker. It can also add an extra layer of professionalism and attention to detail to the sticker design.


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