Bumper Stickers 

High quality custom bumper stickers that will get your message or logo seen and last through the carwash.

Bumper Sticker

Stickers have a wide variety of uses, but one of the most commonly thought of is bumper stickers. Whether you are promoting your brand or supporting a local coffee shop, a bumper stickers on a single car is seen hundreds to thousands of times a day.

StickerApp specializes in customization, therefore, making custom bumper stickers has never been so easy. Whatever statement you want to convey, we can help you make it into a sticker. Easily upload your logo, favorite sports team, picture of your pet, or whatever you want to show off, and we will do the rest for you. Choose any size you can think of up to four feet, and we will print your stickers and ship them to your front step, ready to put on your car.

We also have a sticker library with thousands of pre made designs for you to order as single stickers. We have collaborated with artists and designers to be able to offer all sorts of designed stickers in our library. From warning signs to funny bumper stickers, our sticker library has something for every car. 

Our custom stickers are made to be 2-4 year weatherproof. They are laminated with a glossy, UV protective film that will keep colors vibrant and that will protect the sticker from wear and tear. Our sticker material also has a permanent adhesive to prevent the sticker from peeling or cracking. So, whether you are making a political statement or just want to be able to identify your car in a parking lot easier, custom bumper stickers are an affordable and easy choice!

You can use any of our materials and choose your own custom size, but here is what we recommend.

Normal size:
3″ x 11.5″ (Rectangle).
7” x 4.5” (Oval)

Preferred Material:
White Vinyl or Clear Vinyl.

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Custom bumper sticker samples
Create custom bumper stickers with your own logo or design.

Bumper Stickers Sport Car
Bumper Stickers Surf Van
Bumper Stickers old school

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