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If you’re in the market for some car window decals and car stickers, you’re in the right place.

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What’s the deal with car stickers and decals?

Our car stickers work for just about any kind of vehicle, and are perfect for getting your message out there.

First things first. Where do you want your car decal or sticker to go? You’ve got two options here – either on the window, or the body.

Let’s cover car window decals first

These fellas can go on your side window or the rear windshield. We’d advise against putting them on the front windshield, because as much as we like our custom car decals, we don’t want them impeding your driving. It’s all about visibility, folks.

Anyway. These decals can go either on the inside or the outside of the window. It all depends on where the adhesive goes. If it’s on the back, you’ve got yourself an outside decal/sticker. Application will be easier but your sticker will be subjected to more wear and tear. If you put the adhesive on the front, you’ll be applying your decal to the inside of the window which means your sticker will be protected from all the weather elements. On the other hand, application might be a bit trickier, especially if you’d like for the decal to go on the rear windshield. Either way, there are pros and cons with each, but we’re sure about one thing – whatever option you go with, you can count on your car window looking mighty fine.


Let’s move onto car body stickers

They can be applied pretty much anywhere you please – on bumpers, doors, or the hood. It all really comes down to two things, your car and the purpose of the sticker. (And your creative thinking, of course.)

If you have a van, why not make car sticker for the doors on the back? This way, everybody behind you in traffic will get a good look at your message. A real nifty way to utilize these stickers if you have a business of some sort (if you do, why not check out our business page to see what else we can do for you?). Otherwise, side displays are a neat option. This way, anyone on your side will get a good look at whatever you’re trying to get across. 

Our car decals are all kinds of weatherproof, and will hold tight for up to four years. 

Just got your car fixed? Give it at least 90 days until the paint curing process is finished. And if you’ve recently waxed your car – wait a day or two.

Some important Car Decals Aesthetic

Custom bumper stickers aesthetic details

Preferred material
White glossy Vinyl

Favored size
3” x 11.5” (Rectangle)
4.5” x 7” (Oval)

Can we put in our two cents’? Feel free to choose from all our vinyl materials, but if you’re looking for second to none durability, we suggest you stick with the preset material.




Weatherproof car decals

The variety available on stickers can make it hard for you to decide the one most suitable for your needs. Several vehicle models have tinted doors and are difficult to read on stickers. We strongly suggest using stickers on the most popular material white vinyl. White Vinyl can be used on automobiles, motorcycles and RV.

Our car stickers and decals are weatherproof and withstand a number of weather conditions including sunshine, wind and of course rain. Custom car stickers are suitable for practically all materials including glass, plastic, and wood without leaving any residue after removal. Do you ride a bike - check out our motorcycle stickers.

Car Stickers and Decals samples

Yellow typography bumper sticker on a sleek black car

Custom Statement 
Car stickers
Vinyl (Rectangle)
3” x 11.5”


Orange microbus bumper and back window decorated with multiple stickers

Unique Custom Car Decals
All sizes and any shape


Light blue vintage car with a white typography sticker on back impact bar

Custom Retro Car Stickers
Vinyl (Rectangle)
3.5” x 11.5”


Light blue vintage car with a white typography 53 sticker on the side

Sports Car
Vinyl (Round)
7.5” x 7.5”


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