How to make metallic stickers

Forget boring, ordinary stickers! Make your own unique shiny stickers with our range of metallic colors. Let them shine in gold instead of the yellow tone, or why not in silver instead of the gray color to create a brilliant effect that will stand out. With us, you can choose which metallic color you want.

4 different metallic stickers - gold, silver bronze and rose gold

4 different metallic stickers - gold, silver bronze, and rose gold

Metallic sticker materials

Our material makes the colors appear metallic. Thanks to our unbeatable print quality. Metallic stickers can be ordered in two materials: brushed aluminum and mirror vinyl. You choose whether you want parts of stickers with an effect or the entire shape.

They are also laminated with UV laminate for outdoor use. In other words, they are resistant to weather and wear and easy to apply and remove without damaging underlying surfaces. Metallic stickers outdoors - How cool is that?

Do you have a business? Create a unique "Metallic Hangtag" and make your brand stand out.

Order your metallic stickers today and see the difference!


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What CMYK values ​​can you use for metallic effect

Gold metallic sticker of a snake

Gold metallic
C: 0
M: 20
Y: 100
K: 0

Metallic sticker in rose gold

Rose gold
C: 0
M: 40
Y: 60
K: 0

Silver metallic sticker snake

Silver metallic
C: 0
M: 0
Y: 0

Sticker bronze metallic snake

Bronze metallic
C: 0
M: 50
Y: 100
K: 30

How to order metallic stickers?

Step by step:

  • Upload your design in high resolution and preferably in CMYK colors.
  • Use a layer file with the parts you want the effect on, as a separate layer. Layer masking works as well.
  • Leave a comment to follow the layers in the file.
  • If you don't have a stock file, you can leave us a comment about which parts you want the metallic effect on. We will contact you if we have questions about fulfilling your request.



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Author: Henrik 2023-01-23