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I don’t think I just speak for myself when I say that the last few years have changed the way we work in the world. The pandemic has caused a shift in the work culture where working from home has become the new normal. Whether that’s an everyday thing or a hybrid version, of course depends on the company as well as your profession. Either way, it has made me and I’m sure many other people rethink the environment we work in at home.

Be inspired at home

Having a home office that inspires you has become more important than ever. Working at StickerApp has taught me that there is no need for your space to be original and boring, it can be fun, personal, and functional instead, all at the same time thanks to … stickers! 

Feel good - perform good

I truly believe that if you feel good you also perform good. This is why it’s so important to have an environment that inspires you and reflects your unique personality. Whether you’re an artist, small business owner or work for a big worldwide company your home office sets the tone for your creativity.

With stickers you have the opportunity to fill your space with lively art to energize your office and increase your motivation. But you also have the opportunity to create a calm and peaceful workspace that makes you both focused and ​​harmonious. Either way I think that if you create a space where you enjoy spending time at it will boost your mood as well as your productivity, after all you're going to spend around 40 hours there every week. So, what vibe are you looking for? Once you know that you can start to create the workspace you have been longing for. 

Now I would like to share some advice on different ways to use stickers to decorate your home office… 

Custom Wall stickers for home office | StickerApp

Ideas for decorations with stickers...

Custom Wall Stickers:

What better way to motivate yourself than to stick a wall sticker to your wall in the office that inspires you? It can be a portrait of your role model, the art of your number one artist or your favorite quote. Literally, anything that reminds you of who you are and who you want to be. Having that sticker on your wall will make sure you never lose track of your goals and dreams. 

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Unique Business cards (with back paper print): 

Are you running your own business and want to do that little extra for yourself or your employees? My suggestion is to create unique custom sticker business cards. Have your logo on the front with a cool holo or mirror effect and your information on the back. Perfect to have stored at your home office for when it’s time to get out and mingle again. 

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Customize Labeling:

Being organized is the key to success for most people. Making custom stickers to label your drawers, papers and folders can help you accomplish the satisfaction of knowing that each thing has its place at your home office. You can also make labels on roll!

Make  labels

Custom labels in the kitchen - StickerApp

Make your own labels - StickerApp

Print custom labels for anything - StickerApp

Create Sticker Moodboard:

Collect stickers of everything that inspires you and make a mood board. Stick it to your desk or why not your laptop? This will be a daily reminder for you to continue to grow, learn new things, and stay true to yourself. My mood board is a mix of quotes that make me work harder, people that inspire me, and effects that make me smile. 

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Create Sticker Moodboard - StickerApp


Stick(er) to your dreams

As I’m aware that goals, role models, and your calendar changes over time I also want to acknowledge that the wall stickers are removable without doing any damage to your wall. So as you accomplish your goals, find new people you look up to and the month goes from one to another, you can without hesitation customize new motivating stickers for your office wall and keep working towards your big dreams.


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Written by: StickerApp 2022-03-26