How to use Back paper print

On StickerApp we value our customers' opinions highly, so when you want something, we do anything in our power to make it happen. That is why we now have a new feature called back paper print available on the website.  

Brand your stickers

We have been asked many times, “How can I brand my stickers without having to mess up my design on the front?” You talked… we listened… and put your wishes into reality. You can now customize your own stickers and add a back paper print to make it even more personal. 

Instead of throwing away the white paper on the back like you usually would, you can now get use for it. Both smart and effective if you ask us. 

This feature opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you, your brand, and your stickers. I’m sure you’re excited to get started to create your own back paper print stickers immediately, but first, let’s go through some basics. 


A few things to keep in mind...

So what is back paper print? As I mentioned before, it’s the print on the back of your sticker that you otherwise would have thrown away in the trash. This a simple way to make your stickers unique, fun, and practical, all at the same time. 

For alignment purposes, we need at least 1/16” in safety margin to make sure your back paper design looks dandy. Just remember to work with a mirrored cutline. Also, the color reproduction is deeper, and the sheen is more subtle. This has to do with material properties – why not utilize this difference in color and shine to really lift your sticker?

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Back Paper Print Materials

Right now the back paper print is available on our vinyl, holo, mirror, and clear material. So not only can you create a back paper print sticker but it can also have a cool effect on the front, perfect for all the different occasions that you can think of. 


I’m sure you already have plenty of ideas to start off with but in case you want a little inspiration, we have conducted a list for you…

Ideas for back paper print stickers

Unique Business Cards:

The perfect way to make your business card stand out from the crowd. Add your logo on the front with a fitting holo effect or why not make it vinyl but with a matte laminate to get that extra luxurious feeling. On the back, you can add all the contact information along with a picture of yourself to make it even more unique. The possibilities to create something that fits your company, brand or personality are pretty much endless. 

Create Save The Date Invitations:

After years stuck in the pandemic, it’s time to start planning for big parties, weddings, and baby showers again. This also means that everybody’s schedule might get busy quickly which requires you to be on top of things. Create cute save-the-date stickers with a back paper print of the artwork and the information being the actual sticker. Now everybody that’s invited can stick it straight into their calendar and hopefully, this means no more double bookings in the future.  

Custom Treasure Hunt:

While we are still on the topic of parties there is another fun way on how you can use stickers with a back paper print… for kids. Add a map on the front and write clues on the back. A more creative and funnier way to lead the kids to the treasure they are looking for. 

Customized Gift Cards:

This is for you, the person who works at a company or store where discount codes are given out occasionally. Maybe you work in an ice cream stand and you want to hand out discount codes on the beach. Add a picture on the front to persuade your potential customer that an ice cream from your stand is all they need this hot summer day. In the back you can add the discount code to be even more convincing. 

Personalized stickers:

Maybe you are just looking for a little something to brand your stickers without having to change your artwork on the front. With back paper print you have the opportunity to remain your design in the front but add your signature, logo, or contact information in the back. 

Homemade Recipe: 

Is your passion to bake or cook and you would like to influence others with your recipes and baking skills? Then this is perfect for you, add a picture of the tastiness you created on the front and add the recipe in the back along with your website name or Instagram handle to drive more traffic to your platforms. 

Get creative

These are all occasions when a back paper print sticker would be beneficial for you, however, there are so many other ways. The only thing that can stop you right now is your imagination. So, use your creativity and design a sticker with a back paper print that is unique, impressive, and fun


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Written by: StickerApp 2022-03-25