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Artist of the Month: Capucine Mattiussi

Capucines colorful thank you card for July 2024

Thank you card July 2024: capucinemattiussi

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A glimpse into the creative
world of Capucine Mattiussi.

A StickerApp Interview Written by Nora 2024-06-11

With a passion for vivid colors and 60s/70s rock vibes, Capucine Mattiussi creates endlessly imaginative illustrations. Her work showcases a humorous, sunny view of the world, inspired by her Mediterranean roots.

StickerApp: How would you define your style?

Capucine: After an exhibition, I saw my work described as "sweet but psychedelic," and I thought it was super cool, so I've stuck with it since!

StickerApp: What's your favorite technique?

Capucine: I would say acrylic painting on wood. There's something magical about working by hand. Currently, I'm using Posca pens a lot, water-based paint markers. I created a travel journal with them in Mexico, and I really love the result!

Capucines cactus

Pink design

StickerApp: Who or what's your biggest inspiration?

Capucine: Without a doubt, music and album covers. I always create while listening to music; it helps me immerse myself in a creative mindset. Sometimes, I get lost in record stores to find old vinyl records. A place of images and sounds!

StickerApp: How did it all start?

Capucine: I've always been passionate about visual art and imagery, but since I'm not very good at photography, I turned to drawing to express my ideas more easily. And it clicked!

StickerApp: Do you have a tip for those who are starting out?

Capucine: Asking for feedback on your work is essential for progress. It's quite a solitary profession, so it's important to be able to discuss it. Of course, it's important to filter opinions and follow your instincts.

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Capucine sticking it

StickerApp: What's your favorite app or program?

Capucine: Easy answer: Shazam. .

StickerApp: Why do you use StickerApp?

Capucine: It's my first collaboration with them, and I was impressed by the quality of the stickers and the different materials.

StickerApp: What's your favorite material?

Capucine: Mirror stickers! They reflect, they shine, and they make illustrations come to life; they're just great.

StickerApp: How do you use stickers for your own business/personal brand?

Capucine: I distributed them during my exhibition at Bonjour Jacob in Paris (which ends on June 11, 2024) around the theme of the trip to Mexico!