7 Ways to Boost Your Holiday Branding with Stickers

The holidays are the perfect time to spread a little festive cheer, give back to your loyal customers, and get creative with your branding. 

Ready to make some magic? Check out these 7 ideas to make your brand stand out this holiday season, and be remembered the whole year round.

Santa on a hang tag sticker with back paper print.
1. Create branded sticker ornaments to send out with your products.

Create a fun and festive hang tag style ornament, using a creative image on the front and back paper printing on the backside to wish your customer a happy holiday from their favorite brand.


From - to Christmas sticker.
2. Offer a sheet of “to/from” stickers as a freebie when your customers order from you this holiday season.

Create a sticker sheet of specialized “to / from” stickers your customers can use in their holiday wrapping. Throw a festive version of your logo on the stickers or add some merry imagery that will make their gift packages stand out under the tree.

Front window merry Christmas sticker.
3. Stick winter-themed window stickers on your storefront.

Advertise doorbuster sales, create festive snowy scenes, or offer words of good tidings and greetings to passersby by adding festive window stickers to your storefront. Create snowflakes, candy canes, elves, menorahs, and all kinds of festive characters to decorate your windows and let potential customers know you’re in the spirit.

Packaging Christmas sticker.
4. Update your packaging with some festive flair.

Go the extra mile this holiday season and decorate your packaging or supplies with seasonal stickers. Fill your packaging with stickers and tissue paper to give your products a present-like effect, or slap a festive version of your logo on your disposable coffee cups.

Custom QR code stickers for branding.
5. Include holiday-themed QR codes on stickers to direct traffic to a social media account or website

Create QR code stickers to send people to a web link for a special sale, a holiday invite, or an in-demand item. Pop a Christmas tree or a Santa Claus on a QR code to make them seem extra enticing.

Custom thank-you card stickers.
6. Create “Thank You” stickers to thank your customers for shopping with you this holiday season.

Send small notes of gratitude to your customers with holiday-themed thank-you stickers. They’ll appreciate the merry sentiments.

Custom Mailing stickers.
7. Create specialized mailing stickers.

Need to let the post know about fragile objects in the post. Create stickers like “do not bend” or “fragile” to make sure your deliveries make it where they need to be in one piece.

Written by: Henrik 2022-11-15