Preparing Files

What file types do we accept?

We accept PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG, TIF, GIF, BMP, AI, PSD files.  We suggest a CMYK PDF for the most accurate colors and clear printing. 

What if my art is low resolution?

Once you upload your artwork, you will receive a warning if your artwork is low resolution. It is up to you to decide if you are ok with having them printed in low resolution. Otherwise you can simply upload a new file with high r...

What is the difference between RGB and CMYK?

These are two different color models. RGB is used for screens such as your computer screen. CMYK is used for printing, such as your stickers. For your colors to be the most accurate in printing, create your artwork in CMYK colors ...

How do I make a true black?

We suggest using the CMYK values 0,0,0,100 to make a pure black for black on your stickers. 

How do I specify which parts are brushed alloy/mirror or regular opaque colors?

You can write a note on your order and specify which areas you would like to be the reflective brushed alloy or mirror, and which areas should be flat white or colors that are not refelctive. 

Can you print gradients on stickers?

Yes, gradients are no problem for us to print! Here are some examples.  

Can you print in RGB?

No, RGB is for screen use such as your computer or phone. We use a 4 color CMYK printing process. For the most accurate colors create your artwork in CMYK colors.

Can you print photos/illustrators as stickers?

Yes we print all images, including, photos, illustrations, gradients, or anything else!

Can you print white ink on transparent stickers?

Yes we can print white on transparent stickers. Here are some examples.  

Can you help me touch up my art?

We do offer some assistance for helping you prepare your files for printing. You can send us your highest resolution file and we can see what we can do to help you fix it or change it how you would like. Send us an email with your...

Can you help edit artwork or create designs?

Once you place your order, we will make sure all things look the best for printing. This would include help with unwanted backgrounds or making sure the colors are going to be correct.  If you have a special request, you can ...

Can you print stickers with Pantone colors?

We print everything in CMYK. You can save your colors as PMS colors and we will print as close to that as possible. Some pantone colors are hard to reproduce in CMYK, especially some shades of green or neon colors. Please ask us i...

How can I make a white layer for non white stickers?

A white layer is where white will be printed on your sticker behind your design on special materials such as transparent, mirror, or brushed alloy. To make colors opaque, we need to print this white behind the colors, however for...