Do you offer window stickers?

Yes we can make custom window stickers.

We offer stickers/decals that can be attached to windows. This means that the glue is on the front side which makes the sticker stick to the front of the design. This allows the color print to be seen through the glass pane. In addition, they are practical and removable and do not leave any marks or damage the window. 

You can create your own design or message from the sticker. They can be used equally well indoors or outdoors as they are water resistant and also UV resistant which means they can withstand sunlight for up to 4 years without being affected.

If you wish to order window stickers you can order on our transparent material and write a comment in our editor: "WINDOW" to make them window stickers. Can be used as a customized car window sticker, check it out

Make custom stickers

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