How do I prepare my file to print with StickerApp?

To make your sticker printing journey easier, here’s a quick “how to” guide for the experienced designer who wants to take full control of their sticker design. Confused by some of these steps? Just leave us a comment in the editor and we’ll give you a hand!


  • RGB vs CMYK

Make sure to work in CMYK mode from the beginning when creating your design on photoshop, procreate or illustrator. You can change the file from RGB to CMYK but the colors may change and we cannot guarantee they will print to your exact expectation. 


Here is a small guide to changing your file from RGB to CMYK:

In Photoshop:

  • Upload file in Photoshop
  • Go to Image → Mode → CMYK 

In Illustrator:

  • Upload file in Illustrator
  • Go to File → Document color mode → CMYK
Difference between RGB and CMYK.


  • Cutline

There are many ways to create your cutline depending on your skill level. Before getting started, make sure the size of your design is the exact size you want your printed sticker in order for the cutline to be accurate. Here are instructions for a basic custom cutline:

  1. Make sure the file is created as a vector file
  2. Copy your design as a new layer
  3. Go to pathfinder → Merge → Unite
  4. Add spot colors 0,100,0,0 and name it “die cut”
  5. Go to object --> path --> offset path (Offset path=0,2cm or 2mm, miter limit = 4)
  6. Find more information on how to create a cutline on this link
Die cut sticker with a cutline.

Sticker by: @gotmeinstitchesxo



  • Effect layer

If you have a very detailed design, we recommend you create your own effect layer so that you are satisfied with the results. Otherwise, you can always leave us a comment. 

When you create an effect layer please do so on photoshop since that is what our graphic support team uses to prepare for printing. You can create an effect layer by selecting the details in your design and making it a different color or creating a new file showing just the details without the rest of the design. 

A sticker of a Jar.
Sticker by: @gotmeinstitchesxo
Effect layer of a sticker.
Sticker by: @gotmeinstitchesxo


Want to skip all this? Just leave us a comment in the editor comment box with instructions for your cutline. 

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